This Bytes: Floating Peach Cobbler Recipe

Summer is finally here, and you know what that means! Raspas, drinks by the pool and, of course, ice cream floats. These aren't just root beer floats -- they're peach cobbler floats! This ice cream float recipe is amazeballs (yup that's a real word). It's a fruit cobbler with a scoop of ice cream, only you drink it with a straw. It's creamy, crunchy with the cookies and perfectly sweet. Trust us, it's delish! It's so easy to make, all of you non-bakers would love this. We're definitely those girls that bake something every chance we get, but who wants to turn on the oven when it's 110 degrees outside? That's why these are so perfect. It tastes just like a fruit cobbler only there's no measuring cups or spoons involved. Plus it's all made and enjoyed in one cup, so adios dirty dishes. The best thing, other than not washing dishes, is these floating cobblers can be made with just about any fruit. One of the main ingredients in these little cups of heaven is the flavored soda. Peach soda with peach cobbler, blueberry soda with blueberry cobbler and so on. Just check your grocery store to see what flavor sodas they carry. We stuck with the IZZE products, they have tons and tons of flavors. They won't disappoint. Just go with your taste palate. That's one sure way you can never go wrong. The only thing to remember when making these floating cobblers is to try not to eat all the ingredients while you're putting it together. The mason jars want some too!

Peach Floating Cobblers

Sliced Peaches Vanilla Ice Cream Peach Flavored Soda 1 Sugar Cookie Cinnamon

1. Alternately layer your vanilla ice cream and sliced peaches in your mason jar or cup. Starting with the ice cream layer first. 2. Take your peach soda and pour it in your glass til the soda reaches the top. 3. Put a dollop of ice cream on the top. 4. Crush a sugar cookie on top of the float and add a dash of cinnamon.

-Libby, Katy, Mandy & Emily Castillo

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