WTF Food News: Hot Pockets — yes, that Hot Pockets — launches line of cargo shorts

The shorts’ literal insulated hot pocket is a bit on the nose, but we’ll allow it.

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click to enlarge Hot Pockets is entering the apparel game with cargo shorts. Bold move. - Courtesy Photo / Hot Pockets
Courtesy Photo / Hot Pockets
Hot Pockets is entering the apparel game with cargo shorts. Bold move.
Following in the footsteps of Cheetos, Whataburger and Pizza Hut, Hot Pockets is the latest food brand to attempt a crossover into the apparel business. And with a name tailor-made for pants, maybe we should have seen it coming.

Hot Pockets' new non-food item is a pair cargo shorts made for keeping its toastable sandwiches warm in an insulated pocket.

Get it? It’s a… oh, never mind.

The khaki cargos feature an insulated thigh pocket, and a matching hoodie emblazoned with a fiery cartoon implores fashion fans to "Stay Heated.” Whatever that means.

click to enlarge Hot Pockets' new shorts feature an insulated pocket. - Courtesy Photo / Hot Pockets
Courtesy Photo / Hot Pockets
Hot Pockets' new shorts feature an insulated pocket.
The threads will be made available online starting Dec. 12, but mail delivery being what it is, beats us whether they'll be an option for holiday gifting. Anyone interested in snagging the outfit will need to plan ahead, though, because it's being given away rather than offered up for sale.

That’s right, the set will be available at no cost while supplies last, so you'll need to register for email alerts to be notified when the items go live online — and be lying in wait to snag your pair. Those lucky(?) enough to acquire the set will also be gifted one coupon redeemable for a free Hot Pockets sandwich.

The Hot Pockets shorts and hoodie were created in collaboration with Columbus Fashion Alliance, a coalition that works to support creatives and fashion-based businesses. The organization places emphasis on underrepresented communities in the fashion and retail industry, including designers and makers of color.

“Our team is driven by a passion for elevating up-and-coming fashion minds and celebrating unique ideas,” Columbus Fashion Alliance Director Yohannan Terrell said in a release. “Teaming up with Hot Pockets is an opportunity to highlight our creators and artists on a national scale, all while designing clothes that are both fashionable and functional.”

"Functional" isn't the first word that springs to mind when it comes to cargo shorts that include an insulated pocket for keeping microwave turnovers toasty. But, hey, at least someone's making money off this WTF idea.

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