Armchair Cinephile: The Cine-Mini


PICK OF THE WEEK: Martin & Lewis Collection (Paramount): The birth of the comedy duo’s illustrious screen career, featuring: My Friend Irma, My Friend Irma Goes West, That’s My Boy, Sailor Beware, Jumping Jacks, The Caddy, Scared Stiff, Money From Home

Inside the Actors Studio: Icons (Shout! Factory): Host James Lipton may be ridiculous (lovably so, of course), but his fawning, in-depth interviews do elicit some truly wonderful stuff from actors you only think you know.

The Road to Guantanamo (Sony): Britain’s impossible-to-pin-down Michael Winterbottom pokes his head into a dirty American secret; don’t think he didn’t earn some off-the-set headaches for his trouble.

B-MOVIE CORNER: Tarzan: Collection 2 (Warner Bros.): Him Tarzan, new Jane — budgets drop as everyone’s favorite nature boy continues his adventures.

ARTSY-SMARTSY: The Films of James Broughton (Facets)

FAMILY FUN: The Fox and the Hound: 25th Anniversary Edition (Buena Vista); It’s a Wonderful Life (Paramount)

DOCU-RAMA: Tribute to Kustom Kar King Big Daddy Roth Tales of the Rat Fink (Shout! Factory); Pasolini portrait Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die (Facets)

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