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Wow, so OK: I was all ready to let loose on Barnyard — or rather, give it the cold shoulder, bearing in mind that it’s about the 30th weird-lookin’-3-D-animalslearn- some-sort-of-vaguely-applicablelesson flick that’s come flying down the pike this month, and then I saw the name Steve Oedekerk. Which won’t (and shouldn’t, really) change anyone’s mind, I’m sure, but it intrigued me. No, not Bob Odenkirk of Mr. Show; Steve Oedekerk, the ex-In Living Color writer responsible for such guilty pleasures as Eddie Murphy’s The Nutty Professor, Nothing to Lose, and the deliciously stupid Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. (Patch Adams and Bruce Almighty, too.) So, I guess all’s I’m sayin’ is: weird. (Sam Elliott’s always aces in my book, though.)

If you didn’t like Anchorman, you more than likely won’t like Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby; but you already know that. What you probably don’t know is that if you didn’t like Anchorman, I don’t like you.

On the heels of An Inconvenient Truth, Who Killed the Electric Car? coasts silently and efficiently (I’m so sorry; I just … I’m sorry. No excuse … ) into theaters this weekend, the latest of a number of recent do-gooder films that might just save your ass.

All right. I’ve been hearing some people talking up The Descent, saying it’s supposed to be some sort of “revolution in horror.” Doesn’t it seem like we’ve been having a few of those lately, though? I’ll admit, I’m intrigued a bit by the challenge, despite my better judgment, to not be an abject sucker (they are, after all, advertising it as “from the studio that brought you Saw and Hostel,” and though I haven’t seen the latter … oy). Sounds like a renter.

Or rather, sounds like one of those I say I’ll rent. Only Human is a Spanish film, and a funny one, that’s opening — allegedly — this Friday at the Bijou. Thing is, I’ve been burned so many times by the SA Indie Shuffle that I’m wary to announce that there’ll even be a Bijou theater this weekend. If there is, though, and Only Human’s at it, drop by and have a few laughs about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Yeah, I said it.

Robin Williams’s latest attempt to not be funny, The Night Listener, has him playing a radio show host opposite the last (and best) of the ivory-skinned Culkins, Rory. Word is, Williams is subdued and effective as the possibly crazy jock, but the rest is lacking. (Though I refuse to believe that Toni Collette could muck up a role.) Possible working title: Good Morning, Paranoiac Delusion!

Note: From the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy/Karmic Retribution dept.: Only Human has now been pushed to September.

Local premiere dates for limited-release films are tentative and can change at the last minute. Please check your local theater listings to confirm showtimes.

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