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San Antonians suffering from a second-tier-film-market inferiority complex might feel a little less lame today (Wednesday, April, 29), at least if they’ve got a cable subscription. Beginning today, haunted-house flick The Skeptic will be available for on-demand pay-per-view purchase the same day it opens in theaters in America’s significant-city trinity: Los Angeles, New York, and, um, Albany. Check out ifcfilms.com for more information.

More encouraging for SA’s film future is “Four Minutes Till the End,” a short movie directed by Bryan Ortiz for SA’s 48 Film Project in 2008, which has been selected to screen at the Cannes Film Festival in freaking France (fous le camp, Albany!) May 22 as part of the fest’s Short Film Corner. Ortiz will be repping Taco Town in the heart of all things snooty, but the rest of us can view his handiwork at ww2.48.tv (search “four minutes”).

And those of you youngsters looking to build the scene yourself better get behind the camera already. The third annual Josiah Youth Media Festival is accepting entries from filmmakers not legally old enough to drink from now until June 1. Go to urban15.org for more information.

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