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… And three cups of coffee later, I’m finally capable of writing something coherent (well, semi-coherent).

Explanation: Just got back in from an exhausting, exhilarating run at the SXSW Film Festival — saw some good movies; some bad ones, too. And, oh, readers, I’ve brought back so many goodies for you!

Wait … Yet-to-be-transcribed interviews with filmmakers don’t count? And … You don’t want a feminist critique of Eli Roth’s uncut faux-trailer for the intermission of Grindhouse? Then, I guess I have nothing. Gee, I hate being that person; that souvenir-less miser of a “best friend” who takes glamorous, all-expense-paid-trips to Paris, London, and Brussels, and doesn’t bother to bring back as much as a few frickin’ biscuits or hardened baguette crumbs for her loyal compadre whose baby hamster has been in a coma for eight weeks!

I’ll just get back to telling you about this week’s releases, then. Chris Rock gets (sort of) serious in his new film, I Think I Love My Wife, wherein a content but bored businessman begins to fantasize about an alluring acquaintance. Check out Cole Haddon’s interview with Rock on page 22 for the inside scoop from the actor, writer, director, and

The preview for Sandra Bullock’s new time-bender, Premonition, provokes the question: Is she seeing the future, or has it already happened?

No, seriously, cut the crap. Is her husband dead or isn’t he? Time doesn’t grow on trees, you know. I have things to do. Like watch Lost for however-many-seasons just to find out that Jack and the gang have been in purgatory all along. (Can you believe our theater critic, Willy Razavi, thinks this is a waste of time?)

Finally, Dead Silence.

(Whisper: A ghost story about a deceased ventriloquist who rips out tongues. From `surprise, surprise` Saw writer-director James Wan.)

— Ashley Lindstrom


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