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Ten Eleven, Wed, June 9

The rowdy punk foursome meant it when they said “Grrrlz Just Wanna Have Fun.” Embracing the hot and humid atmosphere, the sweaty Bettys set up their act in the middle of the melee on the floor for some gleeful feminist ranting. They shrieked, danced, switched instruments, and thoroughly satisfied the audience’s unison request to play crowd favorite “Fuk Love, Eat Pizza!”



1906 Gallery, Wed, June 2

This is the only show where we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in person a middle-aged woman running out of the room covering her ears. The mind- (and eardrum-) blowing duo of Troy Curry on guitar and Kurt Knouse on Tenori-On already push the limits of avant-garde. With genre pioneer and St. Mary’s alum Phillip Krumm twisting knobs on a custom-made electronic instrument, the resulting noise transcended “challenging,” and, to us at least, became fascinating.


Limelight Music+Drinks, Sat, April 10

With five MCs, a full-blown posse, and an arm-length-long setlist, Supa Smash Bros collectively showed there’s plenty of hip-hop talent in San Antonio. Together Mad 1, Royal Minus, Buck Raw, B-Hop, and Same Dffrnce dropped rhymes that ran the gamut from socially conscious (“Keep your mouth shut like Barack’s preacher”) to introspective (“These days it’s hard to maintain a clear conscience and on top of that target a worldwide audience”) with plenty of swagger in between.



Ten Eleven, Fri, July 10

Glitter makeovers, pillow fights, beer drenchings; no, it wasn’t an average hazing night at the Tri Delta house, but a particularly busy set from new electro-indie group XRY. Joseph Caceras and Joe Vega, the masterminds behind the weirdly captivating and propulsive music, re-invented the Ten Eleven as a rave house party gone haywire and commanded obliging hipsters to shake, breathe, and cry, X-R-Y.


Sam’s Burger Joint, Sun, Aug 15

You’re never too old to play Battle of the Bands. That attitude helped the venerable honky-tonkin’ quartet blow the whippersnapper judges away and win a chance at performing at the Lone Star Beer Bash at the Brewery. Other key factors: Lloyd Walsh’s tenacious upright bass, Brad Turner’s syncopation, Matthew Rose’s effortless transition between punk and country guitar worship, and singer Gordon Waid, a country-sangin’, unicorn-lovin’ frontman who dazzles as much as he disturbs.

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