Local Tunes to Buy on Bandcamp Today in Support of the Transgender Law Center

click to enlarge The Transgender Pride flag is a symbol of pride, diversity and transgender rights. - Wikipedia
The Transgender Pride flag is a symbol of pride, diversity and transgender rights.

Emboldened by the runaway success of its one-day fundraising efforts for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), back in February, Bandcamp has announced that it will once again donate its entire share (approximately 12 percent) of all sales made today. This time around, the music platform that connects artists directly with fans, will be donating its profits to the Transgender Law Center.

While the ACLU fundraising event, which generated in excess of a million dollars in total sales, came on the heels of the Trump administration's ill-fated and supremely xenophobic/racist attempts to freeze immigration by certain groups and certain nationalities, today's event, especially significant in Texas, comes as Trans individuals and Trans rights are under increasing attack.

As with before, a great many labels and artists have agreed to also donate their share of profits for the day.

We think this is such an important and worthy cause, one which simultaneously generates money and awareness, that we've compiled a list of (fucking excellent) local artists with music up on Bandcamp. This way you can support the Transgender Law Center and your local music scene at the same time.

First, we've listed several particular favorites that we've been spending a lot of time with lately. What follows is a much longer, though still not exhaustive, list of swell local acts that have music on Bandcamp.

The rest is up to you: peruse these Bandcamp pages, find a few new favorites, and do something good. 

More Eaze / The Freebiez Split

Polly Anna, Pink Oceans

True Indigo, I Saw Purple

Porridge Fist, Greatest Hits

Topo Chica, "Sweaters"

Elnuh, Bad Week EP

Flower Jesus Quintet, Wilt

Other fine local acts on Bandcamp include: Wayne Holtz, KP tha Profit, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, Gutterflowers, Amea, Saturn Skies, Dane Rousay, D.T. Buffkin, Pop Pistol, Something Fiction, Saarinens, Whatever?, Mockingbird Express, Pink Leche, Antique Sunlight, Buttercup, The Rich Hands, White Elefant, Femina-X, We Leave at Midnight, El Campo, Lonely Horse, Chris Maddin, Nicolette Good, fishermen, Third Root, Itzli y Chimalli, The Bolos, Filthy, Sunjammer, Garret T. Capps, Adipsia, Bryson Brooks, Ghost Palace, Levees, and Yippee Ki Yay Records.

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