Rosedale Highs

The crisp October evening wind blows through the door of the Mix as the Rosedale Highs sets up. Neon blue light gently engulfs band members Chris Gavito (drums/vocals), Dustin Olinick (bass/vocals) and Jason Trevino (vocals/guitar), creating a smoky electric vibe. The band members have arrived dressed like gentlemen, sporting black pants, vests, ties, and sport coats. Trevino kicks off the set with “Upside Down,” a light-hearted jam with quaint guitar riffs and crooning vocals. Gavito takes over the vocal lead during the third song entitled “Blood On a Rose.” The result is a little muffled and weaker, but he makes up for it with his intense drumming throughout the whole set. In their fourth song, “Isabel,” you feel the longing in Trevino’s voice as he sings “Doesn’t matter what I got/Only matters what I want/Isabel …”

Although the crowd circulates in and out of the door, the band keeps up the high energy. With a quick mic change before the sixth song, they start up again with the slow ballad “Celila,” a heartbreaking lament over lost love. “Anyone celebrating John Lennon’s birthday?” Trevino asks the crowd as he starts up the head nodding Beatles cover “Hey Bulldog.”

During “This Is Me,” a happy couple takes over the empty dance floor. A breakdown packed with heavy guitar and bass riffs makes the self-despairing lyrics go down a little sweeter. The trio then launches into Lennon’s “Jealous Guy,” complete with toe taps and da da da’s. The band displays an impressive variety in its sound as Trevino strums into the Texas country-influenced “Big Tin Heart.” (He even throws in a “yee-haw!”)

The Rosedale Highs end with a raucous hybrid of an original and their final Beatles cover in “Not Yet/Tomorrow Never Knows.” This time bassist Olinick shines on the vocals as he belts out the psychedelic tune. Trevino coolly strolls around the stage strumming his guitar while Gavito makes drumming look hip and easy. The crowd whistles, whoos, and applauds as the set ends. All in all, the likeable trio plays alt-pop with Texas twang, amplified by heart-pounding drums.

The Mix should take a note from Johnny Castle when he said: “No one puts baby in a corner.” No venue should put a band in a corner. Period. It just doesn’t work. Just ask Pedicab, they got with the program. Even at the venerable Mix, corner placement results in an awkward set up with people dodging in and out of the band’s way. During the entire set, the Dallas/Phoenix game played on the big screen right behind the band. At least they had the decency to mute the volume.

Rosedale Highs
The Mix
Oct 9
2423 N St Mary’s
(210) 735-1313

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