Saytown Beatdown: Talkin' Chisme

Chisme, It's OK to Dream

If Korean Mardi Gras succeeds in spite of itself on sheer bombast and over-the-top abandon, Chisme’s recently released It’s OK to Dream is damn near the exact opposite. The majestic third release from Saytown duo Chisme (rapper R.E.L. and producer Progeny) is the work of mature and confident music-makers who know exactly what they want to say and how they want to say it.

Featuring intricate and innovative production, often driven forward by wandering keys or expert scratching, Dream’s eight tracks deal directly and optimistically with issues like addiction, consumerism, urban decay, personal sacrifice and perseverance. R.E.L.’s lyrics, which seem to get more insightful and sure-footed with each Chisme release, carry the torch of the original promise of hip-hop, embracing constant progress both in form and function.

Favorite line on the album goes to “Loneliness”: “Loneliness can never conquer me, honestly these atrocities aren’t blocking me from accomplishing magic.”

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