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If you’d like to give while getting out and hearing some timeless music, hit “Salute to the Songs of Lennon” on December 8 (that’s tonight if you grabbed this issue the day it hit the stands, you sexy loyal reader) at Sam’s Burger Joint (330 E. Grayson, from 7:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. The date corresponds with the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s tragic murder.

Jackson Parten, event orchestrator and Saytown pop guru, called the Beatles (and John Lennon, in particular) the “be all, end all” of his craft. His band, Jackson Parten Catastrophe, was originally scheduled to open for Matt McCormack and The Valley Below, but family issues pulled McCormack away. Rather than headline, Parten decided to put together the Salute, something the songwriter said he’s always wanted to do.

As of November 29, 12 bands had signed on to play acoustic mini-sets of Lennon-penned favorites.

“We’re asking everybody to do three Lennon tunes and one original,” Parten said. “We may end up squeezing it to two Lennon songs and one original `because acts are still signing on`.”

The roster is a who’s who of local acts, including Melissa Ludwig, Peacefield, and Cartographers. Because no song by the iconic songsmith is off limits, the bands are digging deep and not shying away from some of Lennon’s more socially daring works. Cartographers are tackling the blasphemous but existential “God.” K. Phillips will play the feminist blues anthem “Woman is the Nigger of the World.”

“It’s pretty amazing because I thought we would have everyone fighting to play ‘Imagine,’ but thus far … `the bands are` coming to me with a variety of tunes,” Parten said.

No one is covering “Oh, Yoko,” he added.

In addition to the music, the event will be decorated with throw rugs, Lennon pictures, and courtesy of Richard Turner at Redbone Guitar Boutique, Lennon paraphernalia and replicas of the ex-Beatle’s guitars. There will also be themed live art auctioned at the end of the night with proceeds benefitting the San Antonio Food Bank.

Parten called the event “A tribute to all things Lennon.”

All of this begs the question: When is the Ringo event? Parten joked that he wasn’t above the idea, nor is he trying to get the famous drummer to attend.

“McCartney is still $4 million a show,” he wagered. “I bet we could get Ringo for, like, $60,000. Or a couple of bottles of vodka.”

Ed. note: This week, sexy loyal freelance writer Adam Coronado guest writes S&F while dowdy suspicious music editor Callie Enlow dives a shipwreck in the Caribbean. (True story.)

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