The Women of Warped Tour

Against The Current's Chrissy Constanza is just one of the women playing at this year's Warped Tour. - YOUTUBE
Against The Current's Chrissy Constanza is just one of the women playing at this year's Warped Tour.

The Vans Warped Tour, now in its twenty-first year, is older than most of its devotees – the pubescent masses that descend upon the AT&T Center one day every summer to bang their heads, snap selfies with their fave bands and bake in the sun. The annual alternative music festival set to drain the local malls, skate parks and roller rinks, despite having a vast female crowd, is primarily dominated by dudes – not unlike most music festivals.

However, that doesn't mean there aren't some righteous babes playing (no, not Ani DiFranco). We have gathered a list of some of the female artists that will be headlining the festival and, although it's not a Lilith Fair amount of estrogen-powered poetry and song, it goes a long way in combatting what could rival Wurstfest in the sausage department.

Against The Current 

Formed in 2011, Against The Current is a band based out of Poughkeepsie, New York that melds danceable synth pop with more aggressive guitar-driven rock. In their video for "Running With The Wild Things," frontwoman Chrissy Costanza leads a covert mission – with her male bandmates as her dutiful co-conspirators – to smash the forces that control them and "run with the wild things."

Bad Seed Rising

Baltimore's Bad Seed Rising have forced themselves to the forefront of alternative pop rock, and all before any of the band members turned 21! On "Carry On," vocalist Francheska Pastor encourages fans of the Baltimore band "When fear burns out the light / When dreams seem out of time" to – you guessed it – carry on. In the video, that means walking out on your annoying boss who's always coming down on you for texting at work, but imagine if you applied it to every aspect of life! Now, carry on.

Beebs and Her Money Makers

As the frontwoman and kazoo-shredder in Orlando outfit Beebs and Her Money Makers, Michelle Beebs combines cumbia, ska and rock to make something all her own. Oh, and she's really into comics.


Corrin Campbell, the lead vocalist and bass player for Louisville, Kentucky's Dash|Ten, takes one part straight-ahead pop rock and two parts Tony Robbins inspiration to arrive at what very well could be the motivational speaker's favorite band, if he was 16.

First to Eleven

Erie, Pennsylvania pop group First to Eleven is unique, to say the least. Formed in 2009 by five schoolmates, the quintet features band members ranging in age from 13 to 16 years old, lead vocalist Audra Miller being the youngest of the bunch. And, you've got to hand it to the band, making it onto Warped Tour is quite the accomplishment, no matter how old you are. 

Mother Feather

Known for their energetic live performances, NYC's Mother Feather channel the diva dominance of fellow New Yorker Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The rock 'n' roll chemistry of vocalist Ann Courtney and vocalist/keyboardist Elizabeth Carena will make the group one of the more palatable for chaperones at this year's Warped Tour.


It's refreshing when a band of late-teens early twenty-somethings doesn't try to impress you by acting older than they are. Sykes' single "Gold Dust," an electro-pop ballad that in no way references any illegal substance, is an innocent appeal to the power of youth. Even going so far as to cast children in the corresponding video. It's no "Gold Dust Woman," but it's not trying to be.

The Interrupters

Finally something that harkens back to the Warped Tour of yesteryear. I'm not saying that the traveling show has become overrun with adolescent talent, but it's nice to see someone over the age of 16 holding it down for the old fogies. LA ska band and Hellcat Records signees The Interrupters should provide a tutorial in two-tone for the unaware in attendance.

The Heirs

No that's not Julian Casablancas up there singing alongside The Heirs' Savannah Hudson. Another submission into the Warped category of inspirational rockers, The Heirs wash their songs in synths and disco up the tour à la the Forever 21 store soundtrack.

The Pink Slips

Fronted by Guns N' Roses bass player Duff McKagan's daughter, the video for "Foxy Feline" references not only the Velvet Underground, but Bowie and the aforementioned G N' R. Whether it lives up to those standards is up to you to decide. 

The Summer Set

Holding down drum duties for Scottsdale, Arizona band The Summer Set, the super sweet band that's "a bit too pop for the punk kids" and "a bit too punk for the pop kids," is Jess Bowen. And, although it comes as no surprise that a woman can beat the skins as well as any male counterpart, it's refreshing to see a female in the position, rather than always being the singer, or his girlfriend.

Tonight Alive

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Jenna McDougall and Tonight Alive held a coveted spot on the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack with their diary entry lyricism and aggressive instrumentation.

Tsunami Bomb

Although the Petaluma, California punk band will not be playing San Antonio's Warped Tour date, fear not. The group, led by kickass female vocalist Kate Jacobi, will headline a show at The Korova the day after the tour hits SA. 

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