Watch Ernest Gonzales' "Peaks and Valleys" Video

(photo by Erik Gustafson)

It was worth the wait: "Peaks and Valleys," a song included in Ernest Gonzales' 2012 album Natural Traits, now has a video directed by Roger Scott:

"The story for the clip was basically that my producer and I had really enjoyed Natural Traits," Scott told the Current on Sunday via email. "When we saw that 'Peaks and Valleys' had no music video, we thought that we wanted to do one for it."

"I think it came out pretty cool," Gonzales said, and we couldn't agree more. Here's more background on the making of the video.

"My approach was to immerse myself in the track, which suggested a sort of loose narrative to me," Scott said. "What came out of that was a desire to portray this idea of love, loss and yearning. The song flows and has a sense of journey, so I wanted that journey in the performance and that, in turn, informed the visual style."

Scott didn't feel frenetic cutting would suit the song or do justice to the performance.

"For these reasons we developed longer locked-off wide shots and allowed the dancers' performance to tell the story and provide the movement within the frame. The visual style was also informed by a range of sources such as experimental film and live performance. We were really lucky to find a couple of very talented dancers, Damien Grima and Simonne Smiles [both from Australia] who were willing to try something a bit different. As they choreographed the dance they both had to think about their performances as they would appear in the future as well as the present, which sounds simple but was quite challenging at times.

"People relate to the video in interesting way. For some people it portrays a specific relationship or set of ideas around individual love and desire, while other people see it more broadly as symbolizing the unattainable in life."

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