Yung Lean Essentials: 5 songs by hip-hop's newest great white hype

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"♦ Ginseng Strip 2002 ♦" / 2013

In a bucket hat and suburban dad windbreaker, Håstad hangs on stairwells and convenience stores, dreaming of the evening's heavy intoxication. "Yung Lean, up in this club for some morphine," he sings on the hook.

"Hurt" / 2013

In his most spastic video yet, Håstad dances among floating Pokemon cards, poorly rendered bears and Google image searches of "crying." With several cellphones in his hands, it sounds like "Hurt" is more about sending mean texts than inflicting physical harm.

"Kyoto" / 2013

In his most radio-friendly song, with a refrain that could suffice for a Drake chorus, Yung Lean is still goofing off in his verses: "I'm Warhol, I'm Warhol / I'm Wario when I'm in Mario Kart."

"Lemonade" / 2013

A Clams Casino ripoff? Yes, but the idea of "Arizona tears" in the hook may give a new gastronomic reason why Yung Lean calls his label Sad Boys.

"Sunrise Angel" / 2014

Though there's a lot of filler on Unknown Memory, Yung Lean delivers with nerdy finesse on "Sunrise Angel." Instead of a more traditional "You can't see me," Yung Lean busts out a 404 at the end of the hook, rhyming the song's title with "Page Unavailable." When describing his favorite method of public transportation, Yung Lean drops a reference to Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro: "spend my money on a catbus."

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