An Angry Texas Legislator Wants You To Ignore The Supreme Court

Nice hat, Cecil "B. Demented" Bell, Jr. - YouTube
Nice hat, Cecil "B. Demented" Bell, Jr.

Arguably one of the state's least effective legislators, Magnolia representative Cecil "B. Demented" Bell Jr. thinks the Supreme Court landmark ruling striking down discriminatory same-sex marriage bans is the greatest threat to Texas' sovereignty. 

And we're not sure, but Bell's plan to restore the sovereignty of the separate states and of the people sounds a lot like how the South had to start a war because the federal government took away its habit of enslaving humans.

Damn feds.

"Our Founding Fathers, fearing the return of tyranny, constitutionally provided for Justices to be removed for such behavior," Bell said in a Monday press conference, most likely referring to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of Obamacare and against same-sex marriage bans. 

He goes on to remind everyone that Texas has a large delegation in Washington where strong conservative ranks are at the ready in the Capitol.

"Our elected federal officials must hear our voices calling for the constitutional restoration of the sovereignty of the separate states and of the people," he said. "In order to act constitutionally to restore state sovereignty, Justices Kennedy, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan and Ginsburg must face impeachment proceedings for their bad behavior, in the dereliction of constitutional duty found in the unethical abandoning the rules of law, of constitutional precedence and of constitutional constraint for their personal beliefs and political agendas."

Is this guy for real? He most certainly is.

"Our Governors should join together in rejecting the striking down of state sovereignty and should form a coalition standing between an overreaching federal government and the citizens of the separate states," Bell said. "We as citizens must act to have our voices heard. The sleeping giant is awake, and filled with the pent up frustration of state and elected officials who lack the will to assert our state sovereignty and our sovereignty as citizens."

But wait, there's more. Bell's got a plan called the PACT for Constitutional Restoration of State Sovereignty (paging Jefferson Davis).

Basically, Bell calls upon governors in conservative states to ignore the Supreme Court's ruling that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional and encourages those leaders to punish other elected officials who stand by the ruling.

"Governors of states where the people of those separate states have not voted to accept same-sex marriage should form a coalition standing for state sovereignty and for the sovereignty of the people of the separate states and of this nation, against unconstitutional edicts," the PACT states.

We could go on and on, but this is seriously some crazy shit. 

Here's a copy of the madness:

FINAL PACT for Constitutional Restoration and State Sovereignty

And here's the video of his press conference. 

Bell is also really good at social media. Here's his latest tweet. 

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