... And we're back

G'morning, folks. Allow me a moment to allay your concerns, soothe yournerves, and introduce the new Curblog properly.

This weekend at the Unit B Lawn Sports Gala, a certain local artist and sporadic Current contributor (we won't identify him, but we will out his beard - see right) pulled me aside to gently complain about the great quality-of-life plummet he suffered when we took our old blog offline last Wednesday. He confessed that he was one of our silent regulars, visiting every day but never posting a comment. What the chisme was he going to do with his mornings?

C'mon, Beard-o ... cut us some slack. We were only gone a week, and we think the R&R was well worth it. In addition to a name switcheroo (Chisme Libre, you'll note, is now our community forum), the new and improved Curblog will feature the best of the daily goodness we had going before, plus a few new features which we'll spring on you in good time. By good time, I mean starting in a couple hours.

With the new blog, we've got to train this whole lurking thing out of you. Beard-o, we fully expect you to create yourself an anonymous user account and shout back at us. We can't give you more of what you want if we don't know you want it in the first place.

In the meantime, for all y'all webbies who already link to us, here's the updated link and a new button (gif & jpeg) for your web site.

And this, of course, is the new URL: http://www.sacurrent.com/blog/

See you on the next refresh.

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