Barack, You're the One that I want (to party with)

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presidential blog Speaking of getting someone else to pick up the tab, presidential candidate and New Mexico’s Governor Bill Richardson held a $500 to $2,300 cocktail fundraiser at the Plaza Club on Houston Street on Monday, according to the Walker Report. The Hillraisers (Senator Hillary Clinton supporters) held a fundraiser at the downtown home of personal-injury lawyer (and Clinton friend since the ‘80s) Pat Maloney and his wife Selina on Saturday. Congressman Dennis “I’m electable if you vote for me” Kucinich was here for a rally and fundraiser on March 10, and former Senator John Edwards did the same on March 7, wowing the Current with his knowledge of key players in the Iraqi civil war (the Sunnis are the out-of-power minority, the Shiites are the majority. A plus, Johnny!) and that we need to engage the Iranians to stabilize that country. But what the Queque wants to know is … who do we have to pay to get Senator Obama to come to our Best of SA kegger?

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