Bryant Livingston, City Council Candidate, District 2

1. Do you support the addition of two new nuclear power plants to the South Texas Project to meet our future energy needs? If not, please describe the alternatives you favor. If so, please explain your position or philosophy on the long-term storage of nuclear-fuel waste.

I am not in favor of the nuclear plan with the South Texas project. The waste from this type of project is not just costly, but there is not an “Eco-friendly” way to dispose of the waste. I am in favor of three alternative means of the first being Solar. This use of power is not only safe to the environment, but in the area of the country we have our fair share on sunlight. Wind also Thermionic energy sources can also be used as alternative ways to offset the high cost of energy production. ?

2. Do you support Mayor Hardberger’s Mission Verde initiative in its entirety? If so, what do you see as the most critical steps council must take to implement it successfully? If not, do you support any of its provisions, and why (not)? ? ?

Mission Verde is an outstanding program. There may be some issues with installing solar panels in the Historic Districts of San Antonio and those are factors that need to be considered. Once the public sees how much money they could save yearly, the transformation would be less of and issue. I agree strongly that we need to explore diverse forms of transportation. Again, I support the idea of a Light Rail. Energy should be saved whenever possible both for the environment and for cost reasons ?

3. What is the right mix of public-transit options for San Antonio’s future, and what do you think is the best method to fund/maintain each element?

In an economy where people need to get to work coupled with the high price of gas, finding an energy efficient system for public transportation should be a priority. A efficient bus system with sensible park and ride, and a light rail transit for commuting to other areas in our region, this will also allow to compete for jobs in and outside San Antonio. We should also emphasize the importance of having pedestrian friendly communities. It is time to change the scale of our infrastructure to reflect the need for more closely situated resources that require less fuel.

4. If San Antonio faces a budget shortfall, where would you be willing to make budget cuts? ? ?

This city must continue to strive for better health and safety for its residents. San Antonio spends too much on administrative costs, which could be cut. If we cut back on the bureaucracy and keep only the essential services we will make San Antonio even more attractable for economic growth. ? ?

5. What are your top spending priorities for the HOT tax? Would you support a recommendation to use some of those funds to expand the Convention Center?

I would continue to use the Hotel Occupancy Tax to support and market tourism It is important to incorporate the use the HOT funds to enhance some of our historical and cultural Jewels that attract people to San Antonio as a vacation or convention location. District 2 is filled historical sites that with the proper attention will spark interest from our visitors. I will review the proposal for a convention center expansion. With the recent swing in our economy, conventions may decrease and we need to do a cost analysis based on projected conventions to determine whether the additional space is needed.

6. Please briefly de scribe your conception of San Antonio’s economy, its strengths and weaknesses, and what you would do to build on the former and address the latter? ?

San Antonio is blessed that we are not a one industry town. Our economic system is comprised of a strong tourism, medical, military and education presence in San Antonio. I will continue to work with leaders of these areas to provide opportunities and build on what we have, we will to see better jobs for these areas. Our large number of small businesses are important to our community. By building support for them and keeping them in mind when implementing ordinances, changing fees or proposing different taxes, we can be sure that they continue to have fair opportunity.
With large businesses departing like AT&T, we need to luring of high paying jobs to the area. In order to get and keep companies here our infrastructure needs to be brought up speed now.
With property tax incentives, companies will be willing establish new markets here. There are many buildings in our city that could be used to provide companies with business opportunities

7. Keeping in mind the playground scandal, the Healy-Murphy Park sale, and the El Mercado flap, how would you increase accountability and transparency at City Hall? Specifically, would you change the role or method of choosing a City Auditor, and his/her scope of authority?

I will be accountable. I will be available to all constituents by employing the use of diverse communications strategies. These strategies include: regularly scheduled town hall meetings, newsletters, e-mail blasts, and personal calls. It is my recommendation that we do not change the role or method of choosing a City Auditor. With our Auditor already reporting to the Mayor and City Council through subcommittee I believe the Auditor has system of checks and balances which provides an efficient way of reporting to the Council and Mayor. I am not in favor of the proposed sale of Healy-Murphy park. I would put in place citizen advisors to give direct input to the City Council’s Audit subcommittee to increase accountability.

8. Do you support extending the digital-billboard pilot program? If so, what restrictions, if any, would you recommend on their placement and use?

I’m against extending the program. I believe that they are safety risks associated with this program. If council agrees to go forward with program it is imperative that we limit the number of them to reduce the issue of drivers not paying attention while driving on San Antonio roads.

9. Do you support SAWS’ current plans to secure San Antonio’s water supply? If so, please explain why. If not, please explain what you believe they should be doing differently. ?

Yes. I believe that new sources are vital to our future. In a city of over 1.5 million people it is necessary to have a viable source of water for continued growth. We must employ alternate methods for citizens to conserve water. We should use native plants to cut down on water use and supply citizens with the materials required to capture water in order maintain their gardens. SAWS will be asked to provide conservation materials to its customers, through a better newsletter or an advertising campaign about San Antonio’s water future. Even though we are ahead of many cities here in Texas, there is still more to do. ? ?

10. Please briefly describe how you financially support yourself. How will you balance your work demands with your council responsibilities? Do you foresee any conflicts of interest between your profession (or former profession, if you’re retired) and a position on council? If so, how will you handle these?

Presently, I along with my wife both are employees for the San Antonio State Hospital. I also serve as assistant pastor of Temple Missionary Baptist Church. I see no conflicts for serving on council. I feel that by serving as Councilman I will ensure that my family and district will get real representation.

11. What is your opinion regarding the Parade Ordinance that is the subject of the Free Speech Coalition lawsuit? Specifically, what fees, if any, should the city charge for parade permits? Should they distinguish between types of applicants and events, and if so, how and by whom should those decisions be made? ?

I believe we should all have the right to assemble. Organizations wishing to have a parade or public demonstration should purchase a permit for such an event, but the price I believe should vary only dealing with the size and location of the event. The cost of the permit should go towards funding police, fire & EMS, health department agencies to offset the cost of these services. It is unfair to deny certain groups to express themselves and allow other groups to do this without charge. ?

12. Please briefly describe your philosophy toward the maintenance and funding of publicly owned and/or operated spaces such as golf courses, libraries, parks, and El Mercado. Should these entities break even, make a profit, or be viewed as investments with tangible returns? Please propose a solution for the issues surrounding either Healy-Murphy Park, El Mercado, or La Villita.

Lets look at Healy-Murphy park. It should not be sold for any price. We need to examine the security in place at the Salvation Army. In doing so, we should take the Historic School into consideration that the park is named for. These facilities is if properly funded, provide tangible returns that may not be measured in how much money is made, but in the lives that are touched in a positive way through their continued use. In regards to libraries, and the zoo, these are public attractions that the city provides to the people for their education, enjoyment. These investments we make in the people should always be made as much public input as can be collected

13. If we’ve failed to raise a question or issue that you feel represents your values and piorities as a candidate, please discuss it here.

I would like to thank the SA Current for contacting me and asking me to take part in responding to the issues that are facing our community. I am seeking this office as a public servant in order to voice the concerns of my community. Again thank you for this opportunity. ?
Sincerest Regards,
Bryant N. Livingston- Candidate for City Council District 2

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