Composer: Britney Spears
Conductor: Britney Spears
Label: Jive
Release Date: 2008-12-10
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Britney Spears has always been a niche-filler. Music snobs might dismiss her, but gays, their hags, tweeners, club-goers, and pop fans could bathe in her sassy deliciousness. With the release of Circus, the pop princess has emerged from the sideshow shadows to turn out a witty, aggressive, and well-rounded little hit of ecstasy for her adoring demographics.

Fans disappointed by the monotonous “Womanizer” will be revived by the single “Circus,” a haughty nod to her undeniable ability to enrapture fans and haters alike. She admittedly falters with egregiously cheesy ballads such as “My Baby,” an ode to her kids (like we need a reminder that we’ve all seen the vagina they popped out of). But her signature dance anthems, such as “Kill the Lights” and “Radar,” bring out the irresistible, slightly dark side of Spears, while the cleverly titled “If You Seek Amy” is a phonetic come-on that’ll give you a musical chubby. Grab your Virginia Slims and cosmos, because this indulgence in playful bitchiness is preparation for a night on the town or a bout in the big tent.

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