City Council Election 2011: Mayor

Julián Castro (incumbent)

Phone: (210) 314-7707

Websites:, Facebook

Bio: Though he seems destined for reelection, four obscure candidates have still lined up to challenge Mayor Castro this year. Elected in 2009, Castro became the youngest mayor to lead a top 50 U.S. city. Let’s see if any of these outside candidates can put any heat on the “Post-Hispanic Hispanic Politician” this year.

Campaign Contributions (as of April 14): $309,908



Michael “Commander” Idrogo


Bio: Click on the Commander’s website and leave the world as you understand it. This perennial candidate has more than enough to keep your conspiracy-theory cup full, and if you down his site for long enough you’ll find posts on why, according to the Commander, virtually every leader/politician/local official is corrupt and should be run out of office. Idrogo, of course, targets Julián Castro the hardest, at one point insisting the Mayor should be I.D.-checked at every public appearance because “there has been a history of his twin brother filling in for him.” Beware: the Commander even posts a twitchy YouTube clip in which he superimposed Castro’s face over Libyan madman Muammar Gaddafi and even Adolf Hitler…

Campaign Contributions (as of April 14): $0



Rhett R. Smith

Bio: Another perennial candidate, Rhett Smith is U.S. Navy vet who now works in private security. Smith in the past has vowed to end corruption at city hall and protect first amendment rights. We couldn’t find a current website for Smith, but did stumble upon his an old blog. Though it appears he hasn’t written anything since his “Rhett Smith for President” post in May 2007, we think it’s worth a peek, especially with gems like “Rhett Confronts Zionism.” Enjoy:

Campaign Contributions (as of April 14): $0



Will McLeod


Bio: Most of what we learned about this guy we had to glean from a YouTube page he has set up. McLeod, who says he’s in retail, claims to have a unique vision for job and economic growth in San Antonio. Part of that, according to his YouTube page, would be cutting the city’s budget and deregulating CPS. McLeod also says he would see VIA institute a zero-fare system and opposes any city smoking ban.

Campaign Contributions (as of April 14): $0



James Rodriguez

Bio: To be completely honest, we don’t know anything about this guy, other than he’s 32 years old and wrote “self employed” on his candidate filing form.

Campaign Contributions (as of April 14): $211





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