If I had all the money in the world, everyone on my gift list this year would get cashmere. Sweaters, socks, bathrobes, all in tissue-thin, buttery soft, drapey, sinful cashmere. Made from the naturally shed winter coats of nimble little goats in the mountains of Asia and the Middle East, cashmere has relatively high insulation properties, for a natural fiber, making it perfect for our humid climate. J.Crew, purveyor of all things preppy, has stepped up their cashmere collection this year and broken out of the cabled-cardigan mold. In neon colors like fruit punch and acid green, swingy empire waists, and punk argyle prints, the softness is still there without the country-club connotations.

Penny Lane, on Broadway, has deep V-necks in rich chocolate, wintery cream, and navy cashmere. They pair them with a little tank and scarf for modesty, but if you can pull it off (A-cups, we’re talking to you), consider showing off a sexy slant of skin, taking this sweater from cozy to courageous. If someone has been especially good this year, and I mean really good, reward them with the textile equivalent of the finest bar of organic dark chocolate — a cashmere robe. Arlotta’s sensuous, full-length robe skimps on nothing and comes in three knock-out shades — a berry burgundy, rich mocha, and ethereal blue. Better yet, it’s 42-percent off at, while, as they say, supplies last.

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