Remember back when you were a hippie, reading the crazy malarkey on the back of a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s soap as you stood in the shower (ALL ONE OR NONE!), thinking OK, maybe saving the world is a bit much, but at least I’m doing something decent with my consumerism? Reclaim that mild sense of putting your money into an uplifting venture and getting something cool in return. Girl Skirt Mission, a feel-good, do-good, ethnic-clothing purveyor, may have an implausible vision: “I have a dream … And it’s wrapped in a skirt … There is no more War … Humanity has found Peace,” but they make, through women’s co-ops in India, a heck of a sweet skirt. Natural 100-percent cotton, in a wide range of colors, the skirts (and pants, for you adventurous guys) are trimmed with vintage saris. There are plenty of jewel tones, but my pick is a rich, iridescent chocolate brown — perfect with a crisp white tank and gladiator sandals. Even better, for the mosquito-plagued among us, the ankle length skirt hides any less than glamorous legs, and the wrap design, with no fixed waistband, means you can imbibe all the tacos and beer you want. Sounds like a feel-good summer to me.

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