Dan Patrick Calls For Federal Investigation Into Black Lives Matter Movement

Dan Patrick Calls For Federal Investigation Into Black Lives Matter Movement
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick | Facebook
Citing the tragedy in Dallas this month where five police officers were killed by a sniper during a Black Lives Matter protest, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said Tuesday that the attorney general should open an investigation into the activists.

Patrick made the comments Tuesday afternoon during a CNN interview at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland after an anchor asked whether he agreed with Donald Trump, who on Monday, told FOX News' Bill O'Reilly that he would ask the US. Attorney General to investigate Black Lives Matter activists for criminal charges. Patrick did not elaborate on what those charges might be.

"We have a distrust in the black community of police. We know that there's some police officers who need to be replaced," Patrick said. "And police forces want to remove those people as well. But before we can sit down at the table and have unity, we have to stop having protestors chanting 'Kill cops.'" 

Members of the Black Lives Matter movement have repeatedly condemned violence against police. Patrick, however, has consistently blamed the activists for inciting violence against police since the attack in Dallas on July 7 when 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson ambushed police who were working security at a Black Lives Matter demonstration. After the violence, Patrick was widely criticized for saying the protestors were hypocrites for running away and hiding when gunfire started. 

Patrick also launched into an attack on President Barack Obama during the interview, criticizing him for not lighting up the White House with blue lights after the attack in Dallas and a subsequent deadly attack against police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Both attacks were motivated by men who were angry at police for two recent killings of black men.

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