Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine to Talk Jobs and Raise Cash in Texas Tuesday

Democratic VP Nominee Tim Kaine to Talk Jobs and Raise Cash in Texas Tuesday
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Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine will be in Austin Tuesday touting presidential nominee Hillary Clinton's 100-day jobs plan and trying to raise cash for the campaign.

The visit comes as the Clinton/Kaine ticket continues to ride a post-Democratic National Convention surge in the polls. Both Clinton and Kaine have been traveling the country since the convention ended to promote Clinton's 100-day jobs plan, which the campaign describes as "the biggest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II."

Clinton's 100-day jobs plan is a grocery list of the Democratic policies you'd expect, like raising the minimum wage and making college debt-free. The policy also promises to push job creation through infrastructure and renewable energy investments. Clinton also wants to reform the tax code so that millionaires don't pay taxes at a lower rate than ordinary Americans. She'd also like to see a tax surcharge on multi-millionaires.

The Democratic presidential candidate also promises to reward companies that create and keep jobs in this country while punishing companies that move overseas. The last prong of her plan is "putting families first," which translates to universal health care, expanded Social Security, guaranteed paid family leave, reining in prescription drug prices and affordable housing. 

While Clinton's 100-day jobs plan is broad and really just reflective of a general wish list of what she wants to do, not necessarily how she's going to do it in each instance, the proposal stands in contrast to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's economic policies that he unveiled Monday in Detroit. Trump thinks reforming the country's tax system will ultimately strengthen the economy, but rather than provide any level of detail, he dedicated a large portion of his economic policy speech to attacking Clinton's plan and President Barack Obama's administration.

Nonetheless, here's what we know about Trump's plan: He wants to reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three, limit all taxes on business to 15 percent, abolish the estate tax and remove childcare expenses from taxation. Trump also promised to start a trade war with China and to remove as many federal regulations as possible.

As for Kaine's Austin visit, after about an hour of stumping for Clinton's 100-day jobs plan at the Travis County Democratic Coordinated Office, he'll head over to a fundraiser where tickets cost between $2,700 and $50,000. From there, Kaine travels to Dallas and Ft. Worth for more fundraising. Clinton has no scheduled stops planned for Texas through October 19. But Trump, however, is returning to the state on August 23 for a fundraiser that will also be in Austin, the Texas Tribune reported
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