GEAUX SAINTS! (some halftime entertainment)

OK, enough with the Super Bowl.

I'm'a watch it, but I'm fed up with the media omnipresence.


It was very cool what these players did however.

WAIT, though, I came here just now to give y'all something to look at if you're not into American football, or to watch during halftime if you don't like The Who â??â?? like say you're STILL pissed about Tommy on Broadway or you're not in a Peter Townshend type-a- mood, or if Baba O' Reilly makes you too sad now because it always reminds you of this awesome John Hughes medley video.

WAIT WAIT WAIT though, that wasn't what I was gonna show y'all.

Damn you, ADD! (And double damn: I hotlinked the word ADD to that David Hasselhoff recursion GIF in my first draft but it didn't work).

My advice: so DVR the halftime and turn your attention to the changing face of world music.

I'm not all that familiar with modern African music.

I love, love, love Fela Kuti

and Miriam Makeeba.

And Frederic Galliano. & the African Divas.

And I'm reluctant to refer to this next group as African...because they're white.

Which is nerve-wracking.


Die Antwoord

came to my attention from my friend Bruce's Facebook feed yesterday, and have apparently exploded all over due to bloggers way hipper than I, and now I'm sort of addicted to them. South African hip-hop of a vaguely satiric (I think?), art-persona-adept nature. No autotune, just old-school (as in class of C+C Music Factory, a very recognizable bit of which they actually sample), four-on-the-floor acid house/rave beats topped with the surprisingly fluid and sometimes pretty funny rhymes of MC Ninja, and the cooings and chirpings of futuristically-hairdoed Yo-Landi Vi$$er, who reminds me of a really pretty troll doll.

Are they good?

I don't know if I'm the person to answer that. Maybe I'm just highly susceptible to internet memes.

But I'm enjoying the hell out of this one.

Here are 2 videos!

Collaborators with progeria! "Dark Side of the Moon" underpants! The hell?

Go to their website, it's really well-made and entertaining. Be sure to check out the "secret chamber."

I'm not sure I understand them entirely. My Afrikaans is rusty.

I do like that Ninja references Xhosa culture in the spoken into to "Enter the Ninja" (one of the most famous Xhosa was Miriam Makeeba -- she sang primarily in Xhosa), though I recognize the perils of a white Afrikaaner appropriating black African culture.

Still and all, I can't quite turn away.

Partly because the incredible elasticity of hip-hop truly seems to be able to embrace anything: Die Antwoord is like an experimental project put together by Vanilla Ice, Aphex Twin and Harmony Korinne.

And speaking of the "world music" angle, Die Antwoort would be good tour-mates for Gogol Bordello, if only to temper Eugene Hutz's undoubtedly awesome but somewhat self-important "I'm always angrily semi-explaining myself" celeb persona.

Anyhow, Happy Super Bowl y'all.


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