Goucho Gourmet

It's showtime again at Central Market, and the latest act hails from Argentina. Foodies are scurrying about the isles in special aprons, there are placards for products you didn't know Argentina producedâ?¦.and it will be hard not to encounter a wine tasting from now until May 25. This is a good thing.

Part of the production involves visiting Argentine chefs and winemakers. Francis Mallmann, the country's most famous chef, apparently isn't gracing San Antonio with his presence during this state-wide CM event (I think he's been here before, however, so I can't get too entirely up in arms), but his book, Seven Fires: Cooking the Argentine Way, is on prominent display, and despite the fact that much of it requires equipment not readily available unless you know a good welder, it's a stunning tome. There are other cooking school opportunities, however, for which you should go to the website, www.centralmarket.com and select San Antonio.

Unless you happened to have been paying better attention than I was, we all missed Susana Balbo, one of the most well-known winemakers to be putting in an appearance, but not to worry unduly; Patricia Ortiz of Tapiz and the well-priced (and usually quite impressive) Zolo line will be here for a picada on Tuesday the 18th. (The picada is a selection of Argentine meats, cheeses, empanadas and more, meant to be paired with winesâ??or, for that matter, yerba mate.) Favorites from the grill will prevail with Sebastian Zucardi, representing his family's Mendoza wines on May 23. And through it all there will be Argentine music, even a tango or twoâ?¦Explore your inner gaucho while the grill is hot.

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