most of Europe goes
to the Euro leaving Brits
to finger their pounds

Arafat, Sharon
know: in the wild wild West Bank
it's always high noon

Israel, slouching
toward Bethlehem, scratches
apocalypse itch

China doesn't want
its own to ogle Google
giving it the gong

business rival
poisons patrons in China
bull in a snack shop

Bush is traveling
the USA hawking his
enronergy plan

new Bush antidrug
plan ignores most powerful
drug of all: money

INS grants dead
terrorists the right to fly
in the afterlife

Tom Ridge's color-
coded warning system was
designed by Barney!

cloned kitty Rainbow
means we can have Rin Tin Tin
all over again

Bush signs campaign bill
out of the spotlight to keep
from raising McCain

Faith-based bill passes
the House severing the tie
between chate & sturch

everyone is
focused on Saddam because
Osama bin lost

Bush keeps his distance
from the press corps; no one can
even read his lips

calling card left by
East Coast sniper shows him to
be a Tarot-ist

Bush's terror bill
will create the Mother of
all Bureaucracies

energy task force
is comprised of GOPs
and their IOUs

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