Happy Monday! (Also: Someone Left a Pile of Poop Outside Our Office)

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Monday is the worst day of the week for many people. It's certainly the most hectic day for us here at the San Antonio Current as we race to meet our deadline for the upcoming week's print book. To put it frankly: on most weeks, Monday's a shit day. 

This week, literally. Today, a kind reader left us a not-so-subtle message: a copy of last week's book, just feet from our front door, adorned with a steaming, fly-buzzing pile of feces. Why anyone would take a dump on a photo by iconic Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide (last week's cover image) is beyond us. It's more than likely we were the intended target. 

So many questions about this one. How did we not notice someone hovering over the a copy of Current in our parking lot, pants down? Or did the paper arrive pre-shat? Who would be so mad as to leave a steamer on our stoop in broad daylight?

In any event, we hope your day is going better than ours. WARNING: the actual photo of an actual pile of shit on our actual paper is after the jump. 

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