Here's What Election Day 2017 Means for Texans

Here's What Election Day 2017 Means for Texans
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It's Election Day in the U.S., meaning its somehow been one year since we elected Donald Trump to the White House. It also means that two states — Virginia and New Jersey — are voting for new governors in races that have become infiltrated with Trump-style messaging.

In Texas, voters have the opportunity to approve seven new amendments to the state Constitution, measures that could influence property taxes, term limits for legislative appointees, and access to home loans. While Tuesday's ballots have a little less gravity this time around, it's not an excuse to sit out. (So far, only 1.3 percent of registered Bexar County voters have participated).

Here's what you need to know before heading to the polls.

Proposition 1 and 6 both offer property tax exceptions to certain Texans. Prop 1 would give an exemption to partially disabled veterans or the surviving spouse of a partially disabled veteran, and Prop 6 offers exemptions to EMS, fire and police employees.

Prop 2 removes certain "financing expense limitations for a home equity loan," or, makes it much, much easy for lower-income homeowners to apply for a loan.

Currently, unsalaried people appointed by the governor to lead certain committees usually keep their position until a new governor replaces them. Prop 3 would set strict term limits for these appointees to keep a healthy rotation of legislative committee leaders.

Prop 4 mandates that anyone planning on suing the state gives the attorney general a heads up first.

Prop 5 expands the number of Texas sports teams allowed to hold charitable raffles (which some see as gambling). And, since so few Texans have active savings accounts, Prop 7 will allow state financial institutions to incentivize opening an account with prizes.

Do you care about these things? If so, head to your closest Bexar County election site before 7 p.m.
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