JJ Got Live RaTX

JJ Got Live RaTX
Composer: RTX
Conductor: RTX
Label: Drag City
Release Date: 2008-12-10
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Taking a definite turn from their near-perfected heroin chic, RTX loses some of its usual glam-meets-filth through intense mastering on latest album JJ Got Live RaTX. Lead singer Jennifer Herrema’s vocals are too fussed-over on most tracks, but her gravelly smoker’s growl can still outshine nearly any frontman in the industry. While the rest of the album is heavier and more slickly produced than expected, “Cheap Wine Time” is a refreshing throwback to RTX’s familiar grungy drone rock.

RTX’s signature experimentation suffocates under layers of immaculate studio-created rock, ruffled by too few shredding riffs and strategic synthesizers. Still, opener “You Should Shut Up,” in which Herrema slams lyrics down on top of a genius, if calculated, rhythm section, nearly creates enough rippling sound waves to keep the album afloat.

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