Kerry fortune told

Henry Cisneros feels the press of the media as he speaks for Kerry's presidential bid. (Photos by Michael Cary)
Kerry fortune told

By Michael Cary

Texas state party convention coverage

Oracle peeks into Democrat's tilt at the White House windmill

Democrats who attended the party's state convention in Houston last weekend were upbeat and hopeful of victory in the upcoming presidential election in November. More than 80 percent of the delegates were attending their first convention, and the varied caucuses during the three-day affair were civil. There were no dramatic walkouts, and little political infighting - except for a backstage tiff between state representatives Garnet Coleman and Sylvester Turner, both of Houston - was evident as delegates conducted party business, which boiled down to electing Senator John Kerry to the Oval Office of the White House in 2004.

"We are energized, organized and mobilized," says Charles Soechting, who was re-elected to a full two-year term as state party chairman during the convention. "New people are streaming into our party and reinvigorating our ranks. We are called to defend democracy against the mean-spirited extremism of the partisan bullies in power today."

While U.S. Senator John Edwards fired up the crowd on Friday, and U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich rallied Democrats on Saturday, former San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros served as a surrogate for Senator John Kerry as he urged the Hispanic Caucus to work themselves "to the bone" for the Kerry campaign. "We have to make progress in our politics ... and win the election all across America. We have a man who is ready to be commander-in-chief in 2004."

But the cheering, sign-waving, and standing ovations didn't provide a clear picture of the close presidential joust between President George Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry. Is the Oval Office part of Kerry's future? Is a Democratic presidential administration in the cards for the next four years? For answers to those questions, one must at this point seek out a practitioner of the metaphysical; in other words, we need a soothsayer.

Is the Oval Office part of Kerry's future? Is a Democratic presidential administration in the cards for the next four years? For answers to those questions, one must at this point seek out a practitioner of the metaphysical; in other words, we need a soothsayer.
Behold, yon ventures Deb "Gypsy" Bruchmiller, a schoolteacher who has performed Tarot card readings ("They talk to me," she says) for the past 25 years. Bruchmiller had set up a table in the exhibit hall of the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston to divine the future of the Democrats' level of participation in American government.

Bruchmiller, also known as Gypsy, is experienced in fielding queries concerning elections and politics, and she graciously agreed to shuffle and deal her Tarot cards to foretell (in absentia) candidate Kerry's fortune in his quest for the highest elected office in the land.

To begin, Gypsy shuffled her deck, and laid cards out in the oldest, most traditional, Celtic Cross. First card down, the Four of Swords, a knight in effigy, not necessarily a card of death, but signifying a "rest of a sort." Perhaps Kerry took a small vacation after a grueling campaign crusade through the states during the primaries. But wait, the card was laid on the table in reverse, which means that after a pause, the man will come on strong, and he knows what he wants to accomplish.

The next card, the King of Pentacles, crossed over the first one. On the surface, this card means money and education lies Kerry's future, not unlike his past. "He wants to be in charge of money and education," Gypsy says. At a deeper level, it is a struggle for values, not money, and to be a newly elected president is an education in progress. "He is willing to run the race and knows we need a change. He is sick of the perception that the other party does it for the money."

Deb "Gypsy" Bruchmiller says a stint in the Oval Office could be in the cards for John Kerry.
Next card: the ominous, ignoble, fatal Death. But Gypsy said not to fear, for it merely means that in the distant past, Kerry was ready to abandon some sort of struggle, and that today the card signifies a death of a situation. Loosely interpreted, Kerry has put his past tribulations behind him and is ready to charge ahead, full tilt, into America's future.

Now for the far future, Kerry gets a Moon reversed. Kerry must trust his intuition. Get the facts, do the homework. A Fool comes next; do not proceed blindly, but tell the people your point of view. The Fool is in reverse, so Kerry must "speak plainly, clearly, and let people know who he is."

For the near future, the relevant card is Lovers, reversed, which means that Kerry's loved ones must take a back burner as the presidential campaign continues to the November election. "Those who love him will be there while he has his mind somewhere else, it is nothing personal." Also, the Lovers are standing, which means that Kerry must blend his masculine and his feminine energy, and stand prepared to be forthcoming with his masculine nature, take action with authority.

The King of Wands is reversed, which confirms that Kerry must stand up for his ideas and trust his intuition, which is part of his feminine psyche. "He has to listen to them all if he wants to win."

Temperance. Kerry's social and political environment, or, how do people perceive him as a leader of the nation? His family and friends see him as being very fair; he wants everything to be equal. "He must be a liberal," Gypsy says. The Angel of Temperance has one foot in the water of consiousness, and Kerry wants an equal balance, total equality, as he serves in the office of president of the United States.

The King of Cups shows that Kerry has hopes and fears that he can rule with love. "He hopes he can do it with a sense of love and a great deal of heart."

Kerry's final Tarot card, the Apprentice with the Eight of Pentacles, forebears good tidings. "It stands for success," says Gypsy. "In the final outcome, I see he is going to win. The Apprentice means he wants to be the master craftsman as president. He has faith that he will be dynamite in the job. If he gets an Apprentice, that's a good thing. That means he wins the election." •

By Michael Cary

Relax, Libertarians: An interview with Libertarian presidenftial candidate Michael Badnarik is slated for the July 8 issue.


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