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Take a peek (c’mon!) at our annual Texas* Books Issue (*mostly), a subjective round-up of Lone-Star-
affiliated literature that caught our eye this spring. Cover photo by Justin Parr.


District 1 City Council Candidate Mary Alice Cisneros served as treasurer on Pete Sakai’s campaign for the 225th District judgeship. We incorrectly identified her as campaign manager in “The Mary Alice Tree,” May 2-8.


RE: The MashUp: Want to trade your HDRC for a River Commission?, May 2-8
Added: Monday May 07, 2007 at 10:53 PM EST
the big board dissolves? MAS TRISTE

‘mas triste’ was a favorite expression of an old staffer at the city’s preservation office back in late 80’s. he’s probably singing that from beyond now hearing this wretched development.

back in the early 90’s the city combined the Fine Arts Commission, the Riverwalk Commission and Historic Review Board. it would be helpful to dear reader for the current to compare the old purvues of those boards to the new ones being proposed (the stripped down HDRC and the new Riverwalk Commission).

please note the once-fabulous chandler building that became ‘rainforest cafe’. that once-respectable facade that had won conservation society and aia awards has been tarted up ridiculously.

we desperately need our hdrc and we need the continued voluntary service of architects and landscape architects and design professionals to serve on the board. these appointees donate countless hours to preserve our city’s architectural character.

our city is arguably the most historic in the state. we musn’t let those who have forged milestones in historic preservation down. it’s imperative that we keep our review process. we are not houston and we are not dallas and we don’t want to run the risk of “going there” with our precious landmarks.

thank you.

Mary Nethery, San Antonio, Texas


Re: Last Words: Black Gold, by Jason Stout, April 25-May 1
Added: Monday May 07, 2007 at 05:43 PM EST
Before You Knew Him

Mr. Stout has a way of visually interpreting what isn’t verbally expressed by the American public.

Elvis, Atlanta, GA

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