LGBTQ+ activists spam the shit out of Texas far-right group that wants people to 'report' drag shows

Far-right group Defend Our Kids Texas asked people to post the name, email address and location of drag shows. It's unclear what the group plans to do with the info.

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A Twitter user is urging people to flood right-wing group Defend Our Kids Texas' online reporting system with useless junk. - Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons
A Twitter user is urging people to flood right-wing group Defend Our Kids Texas' online reporting system with useless junk.
As drag shows across the nation come under threat from far-wing extremists, some LGBTQ+ activists and allies are fighting back by spamming a Texas group's "drag show report" system with the entire script of the Bee Movie.

The online counterpunch came about after the group Defend Our Kids Texas, led by right-wing commentator Sara Gonzales, set up an online site urging people to "report" drag shows in their community. The site requests the name, email address, location of drag shows, but it's unclear what the group does with the info.

Over the weekend, Twitter user @mycheesemonster discovered that the "other information" slot on Defend Our Kids Texas' reporting system had no character limit. That would allow someone to copy and paste worthless junk like the entire script from DreamWorks' Bee Movie, @mycheesemonster posited.
"It would be a shame if this website was filled with dumb nonsense," @mycheesemonster said in a tweet that's racked up 34,000 likes as of Monday afternoon. Some users said they posted the screenplays of other movies such as Shrek to the system.

Since @mycheesemonster's call to action went live Sunday, the Defend Our Kids Texas website has crashed multiple times, according to some Twitter users. On Monday, the Current also got "rate limit" errors several times while trying to visit the site.

Drag shows have emerged as a recent targets as Republican politicians, right-wing religious groups and others target members of the transgender community, frequently leveling false accusations about what actually happens at the events.

This past weekend, San Antonio's inclusive music venue The Starlighter canceled drag shows for the remainder of the year due to online threats and accusations of "child grooming."

Later this month, This Is Texas Freedom Force, a group labeled as an "extremist militia" by the FBI, plans to protest a drag show at San Antonio's Aztec Theatre because the show doesn't have an age restriction.

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