Locostyle at the Museo Alameda

Posted by Keli Dailey at 6:25 PM, 04.13.2007   

"It's the Mexican tuxedo," Cynthia said when she noticed my date at last night's Museo Alameda del Smithsonian pre-opening gala event at Market Square matched hers: the black guayabera with crisp khaki pants, black shoes.

The guy(abera) on my arm was decade-plus friend Beto Gonzales, one of the featured artists in the event's silent auction (check out his blown-up polaroids inside the Museo, beside the hot pink Pinata wall that Beto's friend Curtis made, as well as the Museo's digital learning center: the Atari Aztec wall prints are his. On an unrelated shoutout to nostalgia, the Museo's botanica gift shop is an amazing recreation).

I had heard the gala would be like prom: maybe that's why another darling artist/friend, David Zamora Casas, had on his lily-white zoot suit formal; so pachuquismo. (David'll be part of Saturday night's Museo programming, with his interpretation of the "Charlie Chaplin of Mexico," Cantinflas. Rumor is he will be shaving his internationally coveted handlebar moustache to prepare for the role.)

 The evening weather allowed for all manner of strapless, off-the-shoulders for the ladies; I wore loose-fitting cotton (good, there were too many food stations piled with finger-food burgers, gorditas, spinach enchiladas ...) and dark colors (good thing, my third drink - red wine - was served in a martini glass. Dancing provided a centrifuge for the contents ... ).
Note to County Judge Nelson Wolff: so you went with a black mock-turtle neck and sports jacket for the gala. OK, but if you're at any of the free Museo events this weekend and you've read this blog post, please wear a blue guayabera. For this vivid showcase of Hispanic arts and culture, it's appropriate to let loose your Locostyle, Lobo.

(Do this for me, and I'll wear a shirt to a county meeting  with the Missions' mascots on it.)

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