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Missing: Orange County Investigator’s Dignity

You gotta love Texas justice, such as this kind request posted on a Texas prosecutors’ messageboard ( on Saturday: “Please put a good country ass whoopin on whoever is wearing `my badge`, prior to placing them in jail,” wrote Kevin Breshears, an investigator with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office. In addition to Breshears’s badge (#610), the “low life” who broke into his car while Breshears was having dinner with his son in Kerrville also nabbed his .45 semi-automatic Sig Sauer P220 handgun, laptop, and $600 digital camera, plus a “large and expensive array of lenses.” And on Breshears’s birthday, no less! Apparently, the Kerrville Police Department wasn’t sympathetic: “I can’t believe how I was treated there by the detective and the brass!” Breshears wrote. You’d think they gave him a good country ass-whoopin for introducing a firearm into the criminal stream.

—Dave Maass

A Sig Sauer P220 Two-Tone, the model let loose in San Antonio's backyard. Courtesy:

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