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Its hard to resist a man in uniform

It was a dog-day afternoon at the San Antonio International Airport in mid-July. Airline passengers were stripping off their shoes before entering the search-a-trons beefed up to satisfy post 9/11 Homeland Security regulations. The airport cops were monitoring travelers comings and goings, and the skycaps were ferrying heaps of Samsonite and Gucci luggage from curbside to airline check-in counters.

A July 12 police report alleged that the assistant director of aviation sexually harassed a cleaning man.

It was a typical day at the airport, except for a couple of City employees assigned to that facility. Here is what allegedly transpired according to a July 12 report filed by Airport Police Officer Joe Ledesma:

On July 5 a City employee cleaning offices on the mezzanine floor of the Aviation Department said he was strolling down the hallway toward the east end of the airport terminal when Ryan G. Martinez, assistant director of the Citys aviation department, approached him and asked how he was doing.

Im doing all right, the cleaning man reportedly replied, considering Im going through a divorce.

I know how you feel, Martinez said. Ive also been through a divorce.

According to the report, Martinez invited the cleaning man into his office, offered him a chair, and closed the door. Sitting behind his desk, Martinez allegedly asked him if he knew a way to make easy money and have fun at the same time.

Martinez also allegedly told the cleaning man that he knows a lot of important people like Priest Holmes, a Marshall High School graduate and running back for the Kansas City Chiefs, and a local modeling agent.

My divorce is making me depressed, the cleaning man replied.

There you go again, get your mind off of it and do something crazy, like take off your clothes and run around naked, Martinez reportedly said.

Martinez allegedly asked the cleaning man to remove his uniform shirt and show him his waistline. Then he told him to remove his undershirt.

The cleaning man replied no, and instead of removing it, pulled it up, revealing his midriff to Martinez.

When was the last time you had a lap dance, or were given a lap dance? Martinez reportedly asked the cleaning man.

I dont do that, he replied.

No problem, Martinez allegedly told the cleaning man, its just that he needed to find a way to break you out of your shyness, adding that the cleaning man shouldnt find a girlfriend, because he had five fingers `and` to use them.

Heres the money shot: According to the police report, the cleaning man said that while taking off his uniform shirt, he noticed that Martinez was fixing his privates.

The cleaning man told Officer Ledesma no physical contact occurred between him and Martinez. Martinez allegedly gave the cleaning man his personal telephone number in the event he needed anything.

The cleaning man left the assistant directors office, and reported the incident to his crew leader, who said a report should be made to the shift supervisor. The cleaning man said he wasnt sure if he should also report the alleged sexual harassment to airport police, as he was afraid he would lose his job.

About 5:30 p.m. that afternoon, a representative from the Municipal Integrity Department took the cleaning man downtown for questioning.

Ten days later, Ryan G. Martinez, assistant director of aviation at the San Antonio International Airport, submitted his resignation letter: This correspondence serves as my resignation from employment with the City of San Antonio effective July 15, 2005.

Roland A. Lozano, assistant to the city manager and interim aviation director since May 1, when Kevin Dolliole resigned to take another job, wrote: I hereby accept your resignation letter and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Lozano said the police report wasnt forwarded to the Bexar County District Attorneys office, adding that Martinez resignation was sufficient to resolve the alleged sexual harassment incident.

The moral of this story? If it aint broke, dont fix it.

By Michael Cary

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