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Lights out for one Ceragem

It's unclear if there's a connection between Ceragem's recent legal troubles and the closing of the company's outlet at 803 SW Military Drive, but the space is for rent and there's nary a therapeutic bed in sight.

Earlier this month, the Texas Attorney General's office fined the therapeutic-bed company $180,000 for deceptive marketing practices `See "Ceragem busted over beds," September 22-28, 2005`.

As of September 23, Ceragem's outlet at 910 Bandera Road remained open, with a full house inside listening to a sales pitch.

- Lisa Sorg

White stripes

Don't call them bike lanes: If you've driven on McCullough north of Ashby lately, you might have noticed the street has white stripes near the shoulders - bike accommodations.

The difference between bike accommodations and bike lanes is motorists can share accommodations with bicyclists; a bike lane is a piece of road dedicated to the bicyclist where no traffic can enter. In other words, when on accommodations, it's still every cyclist for herself.

The City, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Texas Department of Transportation will extend the 14-foot-wide bike accommodations through Olmos Park from the Union Pacific Railroad to Basse Road.

Cost of the bike accommodations depend on the prices of materials such as asphalt, concrete, and gravel per ton. The preliminary work has begun and will run through next year weather permitting.

- Erica Alcorta

More compassion

Presbyterians for Positive Change plan to meet with City Councilmembers in October about adopting a more compassionate approach to San Antonio's homeless.

Led by Pastor of Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church Rob Mueller, the group is advocating for installing 10 public bathrooms downtown that would be open 24 hours, funding for expanded day centers, safe havens for those who can't stay in shelters, and a repeal of the City's anti-vagrancy laws until these projects have been completed.

COPS/Metro Alliance is also involved in the initiatives. For info, contact Mueller at [email protected].

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