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Letters Sent to OST's Penthouse Suite 

The Spurs lackluster play has  countless sleeper cells of Spurs fans across the country in a state of shock.  Here is one example of this, from a reader named Rocco.

Letter Number 1:

Rocco writes,

Title: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Dat Noise

"I go out for some burgers.  Have a few beers.  Life is

Come home and check how the Spurs are doing.

I found out the answer They Are Too Busy Participating
In An Ass Sucking Festival To Actually Bother Playing
Competetively Against A WC Title Contender AT

So I'm like fuck it.  One of two things need to

1. The Spurs need to withdraw from the ass-sucking
festival and participate in the basketball festival
known as the NBA regular season.

2. I need to stop placing any compartment of my
emotional well-being in how 12 merceneries
representing my childhood home do in a game of

Since I can only control the former the former, fuck
the latter.

I'm  a Rocco fan now.  That's the only shit I
can control."

Well done, Rocco. Though unlikely by his tone, this letter is full of Carl Rogers humanism.


While Rocco was off having burgers I was eating a cold over-priced pulled pork bbq sandwich at the aforementioned Spurs game.  I rarely go to the games because I don't always have time but also there is the possibility that I don't want to pay to get bombarded with advertising and loud noises.  I can do that on I-10 at 5:00 pm.  (And slowly the inner Roddy Stinson is born.)  I still have memories from Hemisfair when there were only 5000 people in attendance so perhaps I took for granted the quiet, contemplative, Russian Winter like atmosphere.  Clearly, that's it.

However, a promising architect took me along with the company tickets. Amazing tickets.  You are so close you analyze the players' tattoos.  Notice the rows in front of me.  That's right, not that many.  

The fact that the Spurs got humiliated was lost on me.  I was mesmerized by Babylon.  The annoying, pulsating music of the arena sound system seems softer on the first few rows as if it were soft house music from an ultra lounge.  Waitrons buzz back and forth.  It's a very country club atmosphere.  The food court is high end and exclusive, which made the cold sandwich all the more confusing.  My friend sent it back twice but to no use.  We were exposed for being impostors.

A recreation of the Hindenberg disaster as symbol for the Spurs demoralizing loss and fall from grace.  And underneath the dirigible in a black coat and pink shirt and completely out of focus, Joe Reinagel's doppleganger.

Letter Number 2:  

A link to this dog dancing video that's captivating the country.

A Conversation With Congressman Al (About the Sorry State of the Spurs and the History of 'Twilight' Point Guards that Have Played in San Antonio)

Going Postal

I was rolling down Broadway when a cell phone call came in.  I pulled of to this side street and came across this VFW Post, which would be the third one near to Fort Sam Houston.  I'm curious how they differ in their services.  I've been told this one might actually be only for veterans.

I'd like to imagine there are 'speak easy' VFW Posts hidden somewhere in Government Hill but that's probably not the case.

Party School

I somehow got invited to a talent show party at the small but beloved Circle School.   Years from now I imagine most of the kids will be off to successful, interesting paths.  For no reason at all it reminds me of this school out west.  Of course my point of comparison is probably a stretch, and including a place that educated Gary Coleman might not be advantageous.

Minutes earlier an a capella version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" was performed.

A diverse group of organizers pulled the event together.  As the band played, behind the scenes others were at work helping make the night a success.

Sons of Sancho

Friday night the Sons of Sancho played a crowded show at Beethoven's.  I hadn't heard of them yet.  Many others had.  A friend showed me this flyer for upcoming shows...

Their style is a combination of styles with their site mentioning rock, reggae, punk, and jazz.  I couldn't stay long but I remember some heavy break beats.  Just from looking at this flyer I can see several shows coming up in February, including a show at the Limelight on February 8th.

Gang of Four

Like in the beginning Downtown Highlife Bicycle Club was back to a gang of four, which is odd because the month before there were over 60 people. If one could predict the dynamics of group behavior then one could walk on water, influence political campaigns, affect blockbuster opening weekends and other prescient acts.

A small group of sightseers.  To camera right, some kids playing folk songs.

The ride ended at an often seen but rarely understood pedestrian bridge looking down on I-10.  

The other three in soft focus.

Traffic passes underneath.  I believe the seminal film Over the Edge began and ended with a similar freeway overpass.

In the right lane cars began slamming on their brakes, possibly shocked at having seen life from up above.

Various routes and stories from the road were exchanged as well as where to go next, which is always the ultimate question...

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio.  As always, to be continued...

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