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Letters (to the Penthouse Suite)

#1 No Explanation

OTS long-time reader Michael from Austin wrote with this to say:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2514784712/

Can you explain this to me?

(sin permiso)

I'll assume the question is in regard to how we blew a 20 point lead.  Yeah, I don't know how that happened either.

#2 TV on the Internet

It seems Michael wasn't done, offering up this gem.

If you read Kottke, then you've likely seen this....

Otherwise, please enjoy these enjoyable photos of TV


(sin permiso)

#3 Portugese Cork Grips

OTS Insider Carlos wrote to inform of the availability of rare Portugese cork grips.

bottom left....


#4 Cinema of the Future

Potter-Belmar Labs wrote to give this update from their West Coast tour...

Dear friends,
The Fortune Tour rolls on!
Fantastic shows so far in New Mexico and California.  Add to that a great, intimate show in Eugene, our current stop.  For some reason, the seven-year-old in the audience couldn't stop laughing...must know something we don't!  Kept us smiling all the way.

We're halfway through the tour, and thought we'd send out this one last blast to remind everyone of upcoming shows in Portland, Seattle, back in Oakland, and finishing out in Los Angeles.  Forward this announcement to your friends...they don't want to be left out!

Wednesday, we get back on the train, headed for Portland, where we'll be joined by the circuit-bent pixellations of Brooklyn's noteNdo, and a symphony of sound effects conducted by Oakland's Chris Kubick.  It's happenning at Rotture at 8pm on Wednesday and it ought not be missed!

#5 Bill O'Reilly Meltdown/ Hitler Loves the Cowboys

And then there was this anonymous message with a link to this hilarious video...


And then this video about Hitler and the Cowboys...

Redbelt vs. Greenbelt

In Austin for about a week one would think the smart choice would be to enjoy the fruits of Austin, such as the occasionally lush Greenbelt with its miles of hiking trails and other escapes from traffic, and ultimately as a respite from the constant challenge of 'keeping it weird.'

Instead I found myself seeing the movie Redbelt - the mixed martial arts movie written and directed by the legend David Mamet.  I'm not sure how to delicately say it but... the film was horrible.  Possibly one of the worst ever made.  Mamet has no idea how to direct.  Certain pivotal scenes were so confusing my friend had to stare at each other for about three to four minutes afterwards to see if the other was making sense of what the characters were doing.  

Also, Mamet might be the worst at getting performances from his cast.  Though the lead was solid, I wonder if that was in spite of Mamet's direction. Watch Tim Allen in this awkward serious role and try to think of Mamet the same again.

But of course the plot and dialogue were great, right?  No, not that either.  Mamet has fallen in love with con games that go beyond Hitchcock's pursuit. For those that think Mamet cranks out Glengary Glen Rosses every other year, then think again.  Mamet's legacy should be thrown into question.  This wasn't a movie he was forced to do.  This was his baby.  More likely, this film was some sort of parable about the artist working in the moral quagmire of Hollywood.  Maybe a producer giving him script notes isn't such a bad idea.

(sin permiso)

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

As a gasp at redemption we shot much lower the next time around and decidced to see Harold and Kumar Part Two.  The screening of the film was set at 4:20.  Coincidence?

Kumar might be the next Thomas Chong.  An intellectual off the screen, he teaches a college class once a week about Media and Image.  Those ideas were found in a much cruder form throughout the film.  At every chance racial and cultural expectations were established and then quickly exploded, which is not to say the film was delicate or lofty.  Fart jokes were the rule and body humor was rarely frowned upon.

The best part was probably when the two characters get kronked with Dubya where he then becomes inspired to give daddy a call on the phone tell him that he's calling the shots now.  A great film?  No.  But it was great at a few small moments, like when Doogie Houser is dramatically shot down when walking away from a whorehouse.  Good times?

(sin permiso)

Spurs-Lakers Angst

"Don't call it a comeback" said someone who is no longer relevant.  Though everyone in the media is talking about Kobe this was a classic Spurs meltdown.  The offense was lost in the doldrums for long stretches.  Bowen should have been put back on Kobe way sooner.  It was a steady disintegration over a 15 minute time span.  Demoralizing to the fans, but hopefully not as much to the players.

Spurs insider Johnny Ludden wrote that Manu Ginobili is basically out of gas.  And then word gets out that his fingernail was ripped off in Game 6 of the last series and so now he has to use some sort of latex covering over his finger underneath tape.

Coach Phil has never lost a series after winning the first game.  However, as the last series showed, statistics are made to be broken and the Spurs came back when no one gave them a chance after getting killed the first two games.  

Tonight's game is close to a must win.  We could come back from 0-2 again but there will be less rest between games and the toll of the playoffs must be playing on this veteran team.

As with every round of this year's playoffs, the Spurs keep trying to cheat father time and continue.  Repeating doesn't even seem to be the issue. Whether or not the team can still dominate is a better issue.  These are anxious times.  The team has never gotten this far and looke so inconsistent before.  The love and angst continues..

Taco Truck Appropriations

(sin permiso)

As I long prophesized, at some point someone with money would run with the taco truck idea and redirect it into something that was more recognizable for whitey.  In Austin, this seems to have happened with Chef Rypka's Tex Mex at Torchy's Tacos.  Traditional taco truck fare doesn't go anywhere near the Tex Mex world of guacamole and queso dip, and shouldn't have to change it's approach to be popular, yet that's why I'm naive/idealistic. Put another way, it makes sense that Tex Mex would sell in a taco truck.  

And to be fair, there is more than just Tex Mex on the menu, and I've heard is that the food is quite good, but the glaring question, of course, is where's the al pastor?

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio (and Austin.)  As always, to be continued...

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