On the Street: Ice House Woodworking, Marfa Drive-Ins, Eyebrow Merkins, Gutterpunk Economics, The World Travels of Phillip Knight-Sheen, Sunday Sounds with Fear Snakeface, and Other Important...

...Discussions That Define Our Times

"Eyebrow Merkin"

Letters (to the On the Street Ghetto Mid-Century Modern 2nd Story Efficiency Apartment)

Keeping up the "good work".

1. What's This? That's My *#nis

OTS Friend from Austin Michael writes in:


2. Marfa Drive-In

OTS Insider Ben (now in Seattle) shares this:

Has everyone seen this? I bet you LFers have, but I just came across it in he magazine. Anyway it seems a bit egregiously monumental for all the other things going on in Marfa, but maybe that's a good thing. Crazy.


Bonus for those who know what an LFer is. Or actually read any of this.

3. Hairpin Legs

image: Ian Maclean

From the Friend with the 1000 Yard Stare, a brief suggestion for ½ of the ghetto MCM coffee table in the works�

the guy's name is ian mclean


4. Gutterpunk Economics

Nice Guy Curtis offers this insight:

Read this article in my hometown alt-weekly and felt it applied to Southtown.

Replace their local hang-outs with La Fritte, Beethoven's, La Tuna, etcâ?¦.

It's a short read and worth the time.


5. Civic Duty and Brewery Bill

From La Vaca Grant (Esq.), a plea for activism and beer drinkingâ?¦


Here's the bill: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/BillLookup/BillStages.aspx?LegSess=81R&Bill=HB1062

Here's how you find out who your representative is: http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/

The sponsor of the bill, Lon Burnam, is a rep from Fort Worth. Rahr & Sons Brewing Company is in his home district.

Get your legislator on board! Support your local brewery!

Crawling Backwards Towards Bethlehem (With an Eyebrow Merkin)

Randy Wallace moves slowly, simultaneously going forward and in reverse, and everyone watches while he watches himself.

On Friday at Sala Diaz the John Mata variety show continued. While some in the crowd tried to bait me into some sort of critique of the art performance I avoided the temptation to throw ideas around loosely, or more loosely than now.

But what facts can we glean from the performance? A rough summary that could easily be incorrect: Randy Wallace crawled backwards with knee pads, some sort of panty-hose on his face, an eyebrow merkin, looking down into a small mirror.

Was it a repudiation of the John Mata Thesis? (Note: Not sure what that even means.) Or did the performance exist completely outside the realm of "My Facade Says A Lot About What I'm Not"?

Were there overt symbol systems at work, or was it completely personalized?

Questions...little answers at this point. Perhaps Tops the Lone Reader has thoughts to offer.

For the time being, it is best appreciated as one of life's transient episodes, like a microcosm of our overall lives - a brief moment without answers left for others to ponder until something else happens...

Coming at you backwards.

The World Travels of Phillip Knight-Sheen

Just another typical ghetto mid-century modern 2nd story efficiency apartment. Hey, what's that above the handmade lightbox on the wall?

That's a good question. It seems to be a map of some sorts, with lots of lines emanating to and from southern England.

Legend and legends.

Evidently, its a map of the travels of some guy named Philip Knight-Sheen. Oh, that's right, this is the map I bought at Goodwill for $1.99.

Just another random moment. But what if one was to google the name "Philip Knight-Sheen"? What are the chances it actually would pull up someone's name? He couldn't be found, could he? Just another world traveler leaving behind his personal possessions at Goodwill.

It's not like a NY Times article was written about him: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=990DEED7173FF932A35752C1A96E958260&sec=&spon=&pagewanted=2

Or other loose connections to ponder: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanantonio/stories/1999/03/15/smallb1.html

I'm not sure if this adds up to anything but it does complicate simple Goodwill transactions.

Sunday Sounds (And Singer Songwriters)

A foto of a lightbulb or the 2nd act of Sunday Sounds?

Sunday saw a return to the Compound in general and Sunday Sounds in particular.

Or a Terrence Malick approach to photojournalism?

Behind this image were kids, bbq pits, and a table full of amazing salsa without garlic.

Rock lighting.

The night began and the day wound down with Austin's the Golden Boys. It wasn't country. It wasn't rock. Nor was it southern fried. More like southern steamed - rough but refined.

The Long Arm showed up but a few Jedi Mind Tricks sent them on their way not to return.

Ice House Woodworking

At a table on South Presa, a diligent/indolent whittler carved various homages to important SA icons.

Consider this a preview for an upcoming Bar Tab that may or may not materialize.

Across the street conjunto and heavy metal dancing together like two other one time disparate elements - country and western.

Consider this OTS "intellectual" property - Conjunto and Metal©, the signature sound of San Antonio. Like in the Blues Brothers film, we play both types...

...all to be explained and further confused at some point soon.

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio. As always, to be continued...


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