Passion of the Crist

Saving Texas: Schuylar Crist. Photo by Kiko MJartinez
As I listen to laundry list of political organizations that local ultra-right-wing activist Schuylar (prounounced Sky-lar) Crist (rhymes with twist) belongs to, the rock anthem “Making Time” (played, appropriately, by the Creation) from the Rushmore soundtrack plays in my mind.

Crist’s extracurricular activities are exhaustive in their scope, and as with Jason Schwartzman’s character Max Fischer, the president of the Rushmore Beekeepers, you can’t help but wonder how he finds time to devote manpower to each of his causes.

Among some of his titles: editor for the website GOPUSA Texas (check out his tomes against the HPV vaccine), media director for the political action committee and web newsletter known as South Texas Republicans, vice-president of Bexar County Right to Life, sustaining member of the Republican National Committee, and director of the border-protection crusaders, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps — San Antonio chapter.

I should add that Crist, 29, was born with spina bifida, a congenital cleft in the spinal column — he says it affects his world view. I met with him one cold, rainy afternoon in January at La Fuentes Mexican Restaurant to talk shop. Ever the go-getter, Crist was already there finishing up a plate of cheese enchiladas.


You have a very unusual name. Where does it originate?

Crist is a derivative of a German surname. Schuylar is primarily Dutch. There are two meanings of the name that I am familiar with. One is “shelter,” the other is “scholar.” Both meanings I try to live up to.

How’s that?

Well, obviously I want to be well-educated. But also, I am the type of person, through the work that I do, that is very interested in helping those that can’t help themselves. Matthew 25:40: “Whatsoever you’ve done unto the least of these my brethren you’ve done it unto me.” That’s the way I live my life.

You never thought about adding an H to your last name?

No. We’re related, but not like that.

What have you learned living with a life-long disability?

You learn to improv. You learn to find solutions. But you have to have some ingenuity and you have to have ambition. So many `people in the disabled community` are told they can’t do things and they buy into that crap. They don’t recognize that they can use their voice. They can use their brains. Whether their body wants to come along for the ride or not is irrelevant.

What did you do on January 22, the 34th anniversary of Roe v. Wade?

I was in Austin with the Texas Right to Life talking about some issues. One bill would require every abortion that is performed be reported to medical boards. This would allow the report to also reflect why `they` are having the abortion.

What happened to trying to stop the actual abortion procedure?

We understand there is an issue here and we might not be able to get rid of `abortion` right off the bat. But there are ways you can get around it. There are ways that you can chip away at that establishment.

Is there any subject that you and a liberal would see eye to eye on?

I applaud the raise in the minimum wage. I know that might come as a big shock to some conservatives, but I believe in a living wage.

Does your conservatism effect everything in your life, even your taste in movies and music?

What dictates what I watch and listen to are my Christian values, not my conservatism. Yes, there are some movies I would not see — Kinsey, Capote, Syriana, Brokeback Mountain — I do not see any redeeming value to these. Now, I’ve watched some that would go against my Christian values, but only to see what’s being said. It’s always important to know what the other side is saying.

Before your name, you sign all your emails with “In His Service.” Are you a soldier of God and, if so, are you at war right now?

Yes. We are part of the Lord’s army. But as the Bible says, “wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities,” which means our war is


Read Schuyar Crist’s views on HPV vaccines, school vouchers, and all things conservative at And for the record, Ephesians 6:12 in the Bible reads, “For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” It’s a popular passage cited by the alien-resistance movement in Roswell, New Mexico.


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