Composer: Japandroids
Conductor: Japandroids
Label: Polyvinyl
Release Date: 2009-07-29
Rated: NONE
Genre: Recording

Canadian duo Japandroids* are concerned with only two things: guitars and girls (and not necessarily in that order). Their much-hyped full-length debut, Post-Nothing, is a brief, blistering set of low-fi garage that transcends its carport origins by replacing cock-rock swagger with puppy-dog charm. Brian King (guitar) and David Prowse (drums, no relation to Darth Vader) play their respective instruments like they’re in a much bigger band, with Prowse’s syncopated beats punching holes in King’s solid brick walls of noise. Drunk on amplifier fuzz, the guys sprint through relationship stages like oversexed teenagers, covering infatuation (“Wet Hair”), commitment (album highlight “Sovereignty”), and the inevitable post-split depression (epic closer “I Quit Girls”) in a little more than 30 minutes. Despite the unhappy ending, King and Prowse know better than to waste their time slamming the fairer sex. Rock-cliché misogyny just doesn’t suit them — Japandroids are programmed to love.

*We already have a Japanther. What’s next? Japancake? Japancreas?
Japanderson Cooper?

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