POWERPOINT PERVERSION : Part 2. Lee Harvey Awkward

... And so we come to slide #15, on the issue of nepotism in city government. As a public official or employee, you cannot be involved in hiring or bossing around your relatives.

Their clipart example: John F. Kennedy, who appointed his brother, Robert, as Attorney General.

The Only Possible Interpretation: 
JFK was unethical.

Now, consider how the last batch of slides employed racially integrated business relationships to represent ethics violations.

What's Bobby best remembered for as attorney general? He ordered troops to the south to force the University of Mississippi to admit a black student. 

Coincidence? Is it too much to suggest that there may be a racist conspiracy if you look between the slides?

Probably. What you can say with certainty: If your slides don't make sense, Chisme Libre will make sense of them for you.

-- Dave Maass

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