Q & A with Carolyn Kelley

San Antonio is about to come on hard times, given major budget cuts at a state and federal level. What programs do you think can be trimmed back? What should we not touch?

All of my answers flow from the concerns of District 1 residents and business owners. Their largest concerns are:


  • INFRASTRUCTURE:  both new projects and routine maintenance of streets; sidewalks and curbs; parks; lighting; and more.


  • ENFORCEMENT OF ALREADY EXISTING RULES FOR: Code compliance, permitting and zoning.

I will address these concerns by:

  • Ensuring District 1 gets its fair share of bond monies.   Because we pay our fair share of taxes.

  • Incenting development downtown and in the neighborhoods to wipe out vacant lots and abandoned buildings and replace them with residential and commercial projects that will build a new tax base and move San Antonio forward.

  • I will ensure city contracts are managed to ensure taxpayer monies are leveraged whenever possible.

  • I will work with the City Attorney’s office to ensure contracts allow for severance if work is not completed with a reasonable amount of competence.

Are there programs you plan to champion to ease the impact of those outside funding cuts on our community?

Not at this time.  

Are you committed to continuing the SA2020 process?

I am insofar as SA2020 is committed to safe neighborhoods, fixing decades of infrastructure neglect in our neighborhoods, jobs and economic development and enforcing the existing rules for code compliance, permitting and zoning to protect our neighborhoods from declining.

What is your position on the city’s investment in two proposed nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project?

(a.) The first attempt resulted in a sadly flawed public process, deception among the partners and of money wasted. (b.) Japan is a warning.  We should heed it. (c.) Nuclear power produces nuclear waste.  Ignoring the problem of nuclear waste is a deeply flawed public policy.  Almost as absurd as when we were told hiding under our desks would protect us in the event of a nuclear attack.

CPS Energy plans for early retirement of the Deeley coal plant?

It’s a hopeful step. 

Renewable energy development?

CPS is a talented company that is capable of great things.  I’m confident that CPS can, and will, develop a solid and diversified portfolio of clean energy alternatives to serve the needs of San Antonio, Bexar County, and maybe a lot further.  With the political will, we can do this.

How could the city better support public education? Do you support efforts to allow Mayor Julián Castro to be able to appoint some school board members?

No answer.

Given the EPA is planning on toughening national air quality standards, what steps do you think the city can take to make sure our skies are healthy (and federal transportation keeps flowing to San Antonio)?

No answer.

What is the right mix of public-transit options for San Antonio’s future, and what do you think is the best method to fund/maintain each element?

No answer.

What life experiences make you uniquely qualified to serve on the city council?

No answer.

Please briefly describe your conception of San Antonio’s economy, its strengths and weaknesses, and what you would do to build on the former and address the latter?

No answer.

How do you financially support yourself? How will you balance your work demands with your council responsibilities? Do you foresee any conflicts of interest between your profession (or former profession, if you’re retired) and a position on council? If so, how will you handle these?

No answer.

Should service on the San Antonio City Council provide a living wage? Why or why not?

No answer.



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