Ray Gun: Welcome to the Gun Show

Critic's Pick Release Date: 2009-11-11

Danger levels vary among different artmaking methods: film photography ranks as pretty, well, rank (all those toxic chemicals!). Spray-can art can scramble some brain cells, and even brush-applied pigments, varnishes, and (especially) epoxy carry health risks. (Writing’s hazards are mostly behavioral.) None of these holds a candle to glassblowing or woodworking … or the trapeze, for that matter. But there’ll be no trapeze at Fl!ght this Saturday. Instead, you’ll find new works by Jake Zollie Harper (glass artist) and Ray Gun (aka Reagan Johns, wood artist). These guys brave glass lung, sawn-off digits, horrendous burns, and worse to make their mark; they’re painstaking artists who stake nothing less than actual pain. That we sometimes like our artists macho shouldn’t surprise anybody — what might, though, is the cerebral elegance each brings to his work. Materials meet ideas: Check it out. Opening reception 7 p.m. Saturday, November 14, 1906 S. Flores, (210) 872-2586, turnitoff.tv — Sarah Fisch

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