Sen. Ted Cruz blasts Joe Biden for taking a weekend trip, then jokes about his own Cancun vacation

click to enlarge U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz smirks from the stage at a 2019 event hosted by conservative group Turning Point USA. - Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore
Wikimedia Commons / Gage Skidmore
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz smirks from the stage at a 2019 event hosted by conservative group Turning Point USA.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz's Twitter trolling hit a new low over the weekend as the Texas Republican lashed out against President Joe Biden for taking a weekend trip to his home state of Delaware.

And, oh yeah, Cruz also brought up his own-much criticized trip to Cancun in the same fucking tweet.

Cruz shared an official Republican Party tweet on Saturday that ripped Biden for taking the weekend off and "running away from all the problems he has caused."

"Cancun is lovely this time of year," Cruz added at the top of his reshare.

Of course, Cruz's remark is a reference to the Cancun trip he took with his family while millions of his constituents suffered without power through February's catastrophic winter storms. As many as 700 Texans died amid the outages, and Cruz later delivered a floundering TV apology.

It's unclear whether Cruz meant this weekend's tweet as a self-deprecating joke or whether he simply wanted to show the world that his followers don't give a good goddamn how hypocritical he is, so long as he's sticking it to the libs.

What's clear, though, is that Twitter users unloaded on Cruz yet again for not keeping his mouth shut. Many pointed out that for the families of the medically fragile Texans who perished during the winter storm, that shit's not funny — no matter what Cruz's intent.

Val Santos, a DJ on San Antonio radio stations The Beat 98.5 FM and VIBE 107.5 FM wasted no time in pointing out that Cruz's good buddy Donald Trump spent much of his presidency on golf outings, which included millions in expenses to taxpayers. Other folks noted the same.

Meanwhile, yet another major news outlet has written an editorial excoriating Cruz for holding up dozens of nominations for State Department personnel. A growing chorus of critics — including some from his own party — warn that the senator is hurting national security so he can make a point about a gas pipeline he opposes.

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