Slow Ba-rocking to the music

Xavier Perez

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A slow voter turnout on Election Day, is that possible? Well I guess if you factor in high early-voter turnout, plus my tour of polling sites went from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Could explain the low volume of voters at the polls I visited. (I am going back at 5 p.m.)

Although critics predicted the highest voter turnout rate in the nation's history, San Antonio voter turnout on Election Day so far has been below par. Lanier High School at 12:30 p.m. was pacing itself with one new voter every couple of minutes but no lines as many predicted. Perhaps low turnout is due to the awesome campaign by Bexar County Elections and (don't mind if we toot our own horn) local media's notifying the public of early voting and voter registration requirements.

Many people took advantage of early voting because of previous election-cycle disasters in which people were found waiting in line well past closing time. Others polling sites like those voting at Memorial Public Library (arrival time 3:15 p.m.) failed to see long lines as well. Even a security guard, who wished not to be mentioned by name, said that since he arrived at noon had been shocked to see the slow but steady voter turnout.

Whatever the reason for the turtle pace, I believe the true reason is many people are still at work during the daytime hours. So why don't we have a day off to vote? Perhaps this is how many people of the working class fail to have their voice heard.

Come on, Saytown has a day off for the BATTLE OF FLOWERS PARADE and we can't give people the day off to vote for THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNTIED STATES? I wonder why this is? Employers should at least provide people the opportunity to work half the day to ensure they vote. People do indeed take some time off on Election Day; often times giving up wages or vacation time to cast their vote. (Poll TAX??)

Now as I return to my polling tour, I wonder how many of those standing in line to vote have just been released from work. Yet the irony is that Americans have the right to demand that our elected officials require by law that employers provide paid time for their employees to vote. Just like we have the right to demand a secure and more efficient way to vote.

Lets get real here if I can bank online, trade stocks online, and order pizza online I should be able to vote online. (Just a suggestion)

Whether it's voting online or requiring an Election Holiday, America is in desperate need of some fundamental changes to the way we do business. Well it's back to business and monitoring these polls to see if working people will be waiting in long lines to cast their vote for change.

Ba-Rock the Vote!

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