The Best CBD Gummies of 2020

CBD gummies have been giving America a sweet tooth it didn’t know it had.

Old and young, CBD gummies have come one of the most popular method for ingesting CBD, with many forgoing the ‘medical feeling’ of a tincture, while also avoiding other traditional ways of taking cannabis, such as smoking.

As the most familiar method of ingestion, the popularity of CBD gummies makes sense. However, given that it’s candy, a lot of opportunists have tried taking advantage of this format to sell bunk product or snake oil. Leaving people with less money and worse opinion of CBD than when they started, we decided to try and nip trends like this in the bud by providing what the best CBD gummies out right now are. Sourcing from all around the industry, this list contains some of the best value you can get in CBD today. Check them out below:

Verma Farms

Grown to become one of the biggest names in CBD overall, Verma Farms’ gummies are top-notch, including their CBD gummies for anxiety. Inspired by the natural beauty and ethos of Hawaii and it’s culture, Verma Farms’ holistic mission of bringing products as pure as the planet they’re grown from rings true. Sourcing broad-spectrum CBD for their offerings, Verma has done a lot of iterations of the past couple of years to see how they can bring the best to their customers. With the latest batch recently dropping, these gummies prove that Verma has definitely been listening to the industry.

For gummies, the one thing that separates Verma from a lot of the competition is not only are they CBD advocates but definitely host a sweet tooth as well. The texture of their candies definitely is smooth, not getting stuck or overpoweringly tangy, as well as holds up amongst all flavors. Adding in interesting flavors like Maui Melon, Hawaiian Rainbow, and Tropical Cherry, the variety amongst Verma’s selection is towards the top of our list. The devil is in the details for Verma’s innovation but amongst true CBD fans, the value and quality definitely shine through, hands down.

Just CBD

With a name like Just CBD, the product has to be all killer, no filler. So far, Just CBD has lived up to that reputation tenfold, offering some of the best CBD gummies on the market today. In particular, Just CBD has brought upon a lineup of gummies that holds its own against any CBD candy on the market today.

Ranging on everything from gummy bears and sour worms to apple rings and a party pack, Just CBD has a little something for everybody. With pricing on their jars starting at $13.99, they’re one of the more accessible brands out there, providing an entry point anyone can afford. As a well-respected name in CBD, Just CBD simplifies their offerings to make it easy for anyone to pick up CBD, which is why their gummies are a top amongst the competition.

CBD Lion

Hoping to become ruler of the CBD kingdom, CBD Lion definitely is up there when it comes to gummies. Coming in with a strong presence, their packs include the flavors Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Tropical Variety. Offering 20 pieces of 25mg CBD, CBD Lion has a lot of value to their product, making a strong case for being one of the best up-and-coming brands in CBD to date.

Developing a reputation amongst national critics, CBD Lion has started to really come into their own over the past year. With their two biggest goals in production for the CBD to be enjoyable and effective, they certainly have started to hit the nail on the head with those two goals time and time again. With genuine care towards product development, it’s easy to see how CBD Lion has begun making a name for themselves on a bigger scale. Don’t be surprised if you see them start owning a lion’s share of the industry sometime soon.


One of the most popular names in CBD, PureKana is practically the equivalent of this budding industry’s household name. Developing a huge following for their approach to CBD and brand ethos, PureKana has remained near the top of every CBD list in the past couple of years. And quite frankly, even with their single offering for gummies, it’s easy to see why.

Although they only have a single variety, PureKana’s gummies are one of the best CBD gummies on the market for the new and old CBD users alike. At 25mg per piece, PureKana’s gummies come in a 20 pack at $40 per bottle. An exceptionally tasty fruit flavor, PureKana puts a lot of detail into their quality, offering a gummy that objectively as candy, is quite delicious. With so many new faces vying for your attention, it’s not easy staying relevant in a new industry, but PureKana has proven a model for doing just that time and time again.

Charlotte’s Web

With a name considered a part of the origin story fo CBD, Charlotte’s Web has a high standard put in front of themselves. Luckily, the folks behind this brand know the stakes and definitely do the most to live up to it every time. In particular with their gummies, Charlotte’s Web has outdone the competition again, providing innovative solutions designed with how the CBD will fit into your everyday life.

For gummies, Charlotte’s Web isn’t exactly as driven by flavor as they are intent. Coming in with the options Sleep, Recovery, and Calm, Charlotte’s Web maps out the different points and effects they aim to have with each line of CBD they produce. At 10mg per piece, each $44.99 pack contains 60 gummies, a staggering value compared to a lot in the industry. Overall, Charlotte’s Web is not only living up to its name but exceeding it, offering CBD solutions that continue to push the bar further.

Kushie Bites

With a cute (but on-brand) name like Kushie Bites, the product is bound to be just as strong. Coming in with a wide variety of flavors for gummies, Kushie Bites is the complete package, additionally offering some of their choices in the strengths 25mg, 50mg, or 75mg. Complete with everything from sours to peach rings, there was practically no candy that Kushie Bites missed, and with pricing that is practically a steal, this brand is prepared to take themselves to the next level.

In a lot of ways, Kushie Bites has the potential to truly make an impact on the CBD market overall. Already hitting all the standards in regards to having a clean process and product, the growth potential of their offerings is only bound to go up. As a mission-based company, they also aren’t aimlessly trying to get into CBD as a get rich quick scheme, but rather to make a real impact on the industry. So far, they’ve been doing an excellent job, making us excited to see what else is to come.

Sunday Scaries

Growing popular amongst the mainstream due to their clever name, Sunday Scaries brand of gummies is a must. If you’re not familiar, their namesake refers to the anxiety felt on Sunday about the work week right around the corner. To combat this, Sunday Scaries hopes CBD is the answer...and with a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but a product that’s no laughing matter, Sunday Scaries is definitely growing to be a frontrunner in the industry.

For their gummies, Sunday Scaries offers a flagship solution the rest of the CBD field should take notes on. As a simple, multi-flavored pack, their bottle comes with 20 gummies that all contain 10mg per piece, as well as come with branding that helps you understand the attitude of where CBD might fit into your day-to-day. Additionally, their pricing starts at $31 for their monthly subscription model, making it a bargain amongst the mix. All-in-all, if you’re looking to be less afraid of the Monday blues, then Sunday Scaries might just be the solution for you.


As a brand that prides itself on quality, CBDistillery certainly isn’t just blowing smoke. Respected for their consistency, CBDistillery is a smart group of those who know what people want out of CBD. Honing in on a product that’s American made and has complete transparency over every aspect of production, CBDistillery is one of the more honest brands on the market. Although their gummy offerings aren’t complex, they’re also a strong contender for being some of the best in their class.

CBDistillery currently has two different types of gummies- a regular 30mg per gummy isolate pack that comes with 25 gummies, as well as a nighttime variety of the same dosage, only with melatonin. With both at $55 each, their combo pack of the two comes in at $90, providing a solid deal for those that are daytime and nighttime users. With a strong value proposition out of these products, we’re excited to see what exactly CBDistillery cooks up next to expand their lineup.

Hemp Bombs

While their brand may look cartoonish, Hemp Bombs is as real as it gets when it comes to quality CBD. For their broad-spectrum gummies, the packs all contain the same 15mg per piece, varying up between different counts; and going as low as a 5 pack for $15, Hemp Bombs doesn’t get too crazy with price, focusing on keeping a consistently quality product for all depending on how much you can afford. In addition to their regular gummies, Hemp Bombs also offers broad-spectrum ‘High Potency’, which is 25mg per piece, as well as a sleep variety infused with melatonin. Exploding with flavor, Hemp Bombs are a sleeper for the biggest boom of 2020.

There’s a lot to love about Hemp Bombs. A few things that stand out about them as a brand include their usage of multi-testing, as well as how much iterations they do for quality control. After reading more and more about them, it’s clear that this is a group that cares a lot about the integrity of both their product, as well as the CBD industry as a whole. So far, their contributions have been some of the best the industry has seen, setting a foundation and standard for excellence. Yes, with Hemp Bombs’ help, the CBD industry could be set to explode sooner rather than later.

A Note On CBD Gummies

We love CBD gummies and the best CBD oil, which is why we want to help ensure that you have the best experience possible with them. First and foremost, if you have any preexisting medical conditions, consult with your doctor on if CBD is right for you. While most boast it’s relatively harmless, there’s not enough research to definitively conclude if it will mess with medicine or other conditions. Past safety, it’s also important to take your time with this personal journey, focusing on why CBD is best for you, as well as what dosage is right. Ultimately, the goal should be to have something that improves the health and quality of your life, which once you find, will be well-worth the patient investment long-term.


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