Valentine's Day in Bexar County divorce court (Part 1)

When this letter arrived at my friend's house (click image for an expanded view), there were a lot of high fives between roommates and a sincere joy at the irony of it's timing. Yes, her divorce was set for it's final draft on Valentine's Day. How perfect? How positively charming! I believe everyone should get divorced on Valentine's Day, at least once in their life. Does Hallmark make a special card just for this occasion? If not, they really should look into it for next year.

Since I'm happily supporting a lifetime boycott of all things V-Day, I am REALLY looking forward to our visit to divorce court. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate love lost and moving on with your life. I'm fascinated by the strict dress code. If you wear "tank tops, spaghetti straps or flip flops" etc., you won't be seen by the judge! You better not look busted when you go to divorce court, although it's probably one of the many reasons you're getting divorced in the first place. You should dress up like you're going on a date. Maybe we'll find some suitors to go have drinks with after the whole thing is said and done. Stay tuned...

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