We have a winner!

Sure, maybe it was our only real entry, but this defense of Insane Clown Posse's Dark Carnival mythology probably would've won regardless. Rather than taking the tack I expected (i.e., a way too self-serious explanation of all things Juggalo) the author effectively knocks me off my clown-hating high horse by reminding me that it's really all about entertainment. There's far too much suffering and unhappiness in the world for me to begrudge you getting your jollies from a couple of pancake-made-up assholes attempting to rap about the end of the world and spraying you with shitty cola. I also like the expression "adult-shaped kid" which I'll be using from now on to desribe myself instead of "emotionally and socially retarded." The winning essay's reprinted below (with some light editing). Congratulations to the author, who'll be receiving a shiny new copy of ICP's latest Bang Pow Boom.

"I am a fan of the ICP and there's no doubt about the Dark Carnival and what it is to me. You can see too â?? if you opened up your mind a little bit an used some imagination â?? exactly what it is. It's a carnival of carnage! Look at the concerts and gatherings of this record label. You have a ton of kids and even more adult-shaped kids wearing bright clothes and chanting their favorite rhymes. You go in to see the show, and you've got a mega-elaborate stage setup and glitter flying around from the sky, and soda being thrown all wherever.

What you have is a carnival; look at the definition of that word: a festival marked by merrymaking and processions. That's what you got here â?? many individuals enjoying their free time. And as far as a Dark Carnival? The shows are at night. and that's about that. The music is full of carnage, and stories about getting even with shifty police and racist individuals. ICP know what they're doing and have worked their ass off to get the number four spot on the Billboard Top 200 that this record attained. I would very much like that album that you are unwilling to listen too my friend; your trash is my treasure."

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